Assisted living facilities seek donations from the community


BOZEMAN — At Hyalite Country Care, staff work hard to make sure residents feel happy and at home.

Like many nursing homes and assisted living facilities, they love having Christmas Carolers and encourage people to donate gifts of any kind.

“I love socks, a good cotton sock,” said Sandy Pidgeon, a new resident at the facility.

She’s been at Hyalite Country Care since November 1.

“It’s very nice,” said Pidgeon. “I like being out in the country. We have some goats out back that are very cute.”

Pidgeon says it can be lonely for some seniors during holidays but luckily her family visits her often

“My grandson was actually here playing the piano the other day,” said Pidgeon.

She’s just one out of 12 residents at Hyalite Country Care. Alexis Nobiensky is a CNA at the facility and says the small, close-knit assisted living center really feels like a family.

“We try to do our best with Christmas fun,” said Nobiensky. “We bake cookies and decorate them and if we can get them outside we’ll play in the snow.”

But, Nobinskey says they can’t do it all.

“Our residents would love any kind of donation, like fuzzy blankets, sweatshirts, or even a homemade card,” said Nobiensky. “If you have kids, they love little homemade pictures.”

“That would be lovely,” said Pidgeon.

Nobiensky encourages the community to make a donation to any nursing home or assisted living facility they can.

To make a donation to Hyalite Country Care you can call 406-219-3241.

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