Vladimir Putin 'Falls Down Stairs' & 'Soils Himself' Inside Moscow Home As His Health Is Questioned Yet Again


Vladimir Putin ’s alleged battle with cancer has been called back into question after the Russian leader fell down a set of stairs and “soiled himself” earlier this week, has learned.

The surprising incident reportedly took place on Wednesday night at the 70-year-old leader’s residence in Moscow.

According to General SVR , an anti-Putin Telegram channel allegedly run by a former Kremlin spy, Putin fell five steps before landing on his tailbone.

Even more surprising is the channel’s claim that Putin “involuntarily defecated” himself as a result of the “cancer affecting his stomach and bowels.”

“Three bodyguards helped the president get to the nearest couch and summoned medics, who are on duty at the residence,” General SVR said about the alleged incident.

“Nothing critical was diagnosed, the president’s condition closer to nighttime was stable, he can get around on his own, with pain in the coccyx area while sitting being the only thing that bothers him,” the channel added.

An investigation has since been launched to figure out what caused Putin’s fall, particularly because the Russian leader wears slip-proof shoes and the stairs inside his Moscow residence had previously been deemed safe.

“As it turns out, all precautions could be in vain when the nerves are shot,” said General SVR.

As previously reported, Putin’s fall on Wednesday evening marked just the latest incident to cause concern over his allegedly deteriorating health.

Last week, Putin was seen “twitching and spasming” during a meeting with Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev . Shortly before that, the ailing Russian leader was spotted with what appeared to be IV marks on the back of his hand – suggesting he was undergoing some sort of health treatment.

“Putin’s oncology is progressing and, despite adequate treatment lately, the pain is not always completely relieved,” said General SVR in September after Putin appeared unhealthy during a meeting with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko .

“It must be understood that the deplorable state of the president’s physical and mental health affects the adoption of key decisions,” the Telegram channel continued. “Putin doesn’t want to change history, he wants to end it.”

Concerns over Putin’s deteriorating health have only progressed since the start of his “special military operation” against Ukraine nearly one year ago, with one source indicating Putin is set to step down from his position of power as a result of his ongoing illness and failure in Ukraine.

“He will most certainly leave before 2024,” said Russian political analyst Valery Solovey last week. “It is even possible he will announce his departure before the New Year, but this depends on his state of his health.”

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i told you months ago that he was going to reap severe karma for his atrocities against human lives and the innocent lives of sentient animals trapped inside a zoo and elsewhere within Ukraine that have been killed due to Putins immoral decisions, President Vladimir Putun of Russia will suffer severe pain and die a horrible death.

Little Mouse

How does anyone know this? Are we to believe that Putin has an insider feeding information to the media about falling down stairs? I don’t believe this story.

chris northridge

you mean killer putin ,they need to call him what he really is,thousands of families torn apart cause of this monster


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