States Sending Stimulus Checks in December 2022


Almost half of the states have sent "stimulus checks" in 2022 . While these state payments generally aren't as big as the stimulus checks paid by the federal government last year, they can still be an important source of additional support for families dealing with higher inflation and other economic hardships.

As the year winds down, most state stimulus payments have already been paid to eligible residents. But there are a few states where payments will continue in December. This is particularly helpful for qualified recipients who have extra expenses at the end of the year or during the holidays. Here's a look at the states sending stimulus checks in December – and answers to some of the who, what, and when questions about those payments.

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California Stimulus Checks

California stimulus payments ranging from $200 to $1,050 are being sent to eligible residents this year. (The payments are officially known as "Middle Class Tax Refunds.") Check the California Franchise Tax Board's online tool for an estimate of your payment amount.

The payments are being sent to residents who (1) filed a 2020 California tax return by October 15, 2021, (2) didn't have a 2020 California adjusted gross income over $250,000 for single people and married couples filing separate tax returns or over $500,000 or others, (3) couldn't be claimed as a dependent on someone else's 2020 tax year, and (4) were a California resident for at least six months in 2020.

What Tax Bracket Are You In?

Millions of Californians have already received their payment. But payments to people who previously received a Golden State Stimulus (GSS) payment by debit card will continue through December 10, 2022 (another debit card will be sent). If you didn't previously receive a GSS debit card but are slated to receive a debit card for your California stimulus payment, expect your payment to be in the mail between December 5 and 31, 2022. People scheduled to receive a debit card for their stimulus payment because they changed their bank or bank account since filing a 2020 California income tax return will be issued a debit card between December 17, 2022, and January 14, 2023.

For California taxes in general, see the California State Tax Guide .

Colorado Stimulus Checks

Adult residents in Colorado who filed a 2021 Colorado income tax return or applied for a Colorado property tax/rent/heat credit (PTC) rebate are eligible for "Cash Back" payments in 2022 of $750 for single filers or $1,500 for joint filers.

Payments were issued by September 30, 2022, if you filed a 2021 Colorado income tax return or applied for a PTC rebate by June 30, 2022. If you received an extension to file your 2021 Colorado return and file by the October 17, 2022, deadline, your payment will be issued by January 31, 2023.

For Colorado taxes in general, see the Colorado State Tax Guide .

Idaho Stimulus Checks

Idaho residents could get two state stimulus checks in 2022. The first payment is equal to (1) $75 per family member, or (2) 12% of the tax liability before credits, "other" taxes, payments, and donations on your 2020 Idaho return. You get the larger amount.

The second payment is the greater of (1) $600 for married couples filing a joint return or $300 for all other filers, or (2) 10% of the tax liability before credits, "other" taxes, payments, and donations on your 2020 Idaho return.

Full-year residents who file 2020 and 2021 Idaho income tax returns by the end of 2022 qualify for the payments. Residents who submitted a grocery credit refund form are also eligible.

Most of the first-round payments have already been paid. However, plenty of Idaho residents are still waiting for their second payment – which could arrive this month. Idaho is sending second-round payments according to the date the recipient's 2021 tax return was received, and payments will be processed through 2022 and into 2023 as residents file the necessary tax returns.

You can track your payment through the Idaho Tax Commission's online portal .

For Idaho taxes in general, see the Idaho State Tax Guide .

Illinois Stimulus Checks

Like Idaho, eligible residents could receive two Illinois "stimulus checks" this year. There's an income tax rebate of $50 ($100 for married couple who filed a joint return), plus $100 per dependent for up to three dependents. Then there's a property tax rebate of up to $300.

EV Tax Credits Explained

The income tax rebate is being paid to Illinois residents with a 2021 Illinois adjusted gross income under $200,000 (under $400,000 for joint filers). To get a property tax rebate, you must be an Illinois resident who paid Illinois property taxes in 2021 on your primary residence in 2020, and the adjusted gross income on your 2021 Illinois tax return must be $250,000 or less ($500,000 or less for joint filers).

Rebates payments began in September, but payments are still being sent in December. You can track the status of your rebate payment on the Illinois Department of Revenue's website (look for the "Where's My Rebate?" link).

For Illinois taxes in general, see the Illinois State Tax Guide .

Maine Stimulus Checks

Most Mainers have already received their $850 COVID Pandemic Relief Payment ($1,700 for married couples). However, since payments are being sent on a rolling basis as 2021 Maine income tax returns are received, the state is continuing to send payments through December to eligible residents who waited to file their return (the extended due date was October 31, 2022).

To qualify for a payment, you must (1) file a 2021 Maine income tax return by the final deadline, (2) not be claimed as a dependent on anyone else's Maine tax return; and (3) have a 2021 federal adjusted gross income under $100,000 (single filers and married taxpayers filing separate returns), $150,000 (head-of-household filers), or $200,000 (joint filers and surviving spouses).

Like other state tax agencies, Maine Revenue Services has an online tool to check the status of your payment.

For Maine taxes in general, see the Maine State Tax Guide .

Massachusetts Stimulus Checks

Massachusetts stimulus check payments to qualified residents began on November 1, 2022. They're available to anyone who filed a 2021 Massachusetts income tax return by October 17, 2022, and paid Massachusetts personal income taxes. Payments are equal to 14.0312% of your 2021 Massachusetts income tax liability.

Eligible residents who filed the required Massachusetts tax return by October 17 should receive their payment by mid-December. People who file their return after October 17 will have to wait about one month to get paid.

If you would like an estimated payment amount, check out the state's online estimator .

For Massachusetts taxes in general, see the Massachusetts State Tax Guide .

New Mexico Stimulus Checks

New Mexico "stimulus" payments for eligible residents come in the form of two tax rebates in 2022. The first tax rebate amount is $500 for joint filers, head-of-household filers, and surviving spouses with incomes under $150,000, and $250 for single filers and married people filing separate tax returns. The second tax rebate is worth $1,000 for joint filers, head-of-household filers, and surviving spouses, and $500 for single filers and married residents filing separately. (Certain low-income New Mexicans also received $400 economic relief payments in November.)

The first-round of tax rebates began in July, while the second-round payments began in June. However, payments will continue to be sent to people who file a 2021 New Mexico tax return by May 23, 2023. As a result, some New Mexicans will receive rebate checks in December. If you filed a 2021 return but haven't received a rebate, you can all the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue at 866-285-2996.

For New Mexico taxes in general, see the New Mexico State Tax Guide .

Pennsylvania Stimulus Checks

Pennsylvania is sending property tax or rent rebate payments this year to eligible residents – but you must apply for a payment to get one. You have until the end of the year to apply for a rebate, so payments will continue through December and into 2023.

What's Your Standard Deduction?

Generally, the rebate can be as much as $650. However, it can be as much as $975 for certain seniors. Also, if you received a property tax rebate last year, your 2022 rebate is reduced to 70% of your 2021 rebate.

To be eligible for a payment, you must be at least 65 years old, a widow(er) at least 50 years old, or a person with disabilities at least 18 years old. Your annual income also can't exceed $35,000 for homeowners and $15,000 for renters (50% of your Social Security benefits are excluded).

For Pennsylvania taxes in general, see the Pennsylvania State Tax Guide .

Rhode Island Stimulus Checks

Rhode Island families who qualify for a child tax rebate this year will receive $250 for each child who was 18 years old or younger at the end of 2021 – up to a maximum of $750 (i.e., for up to three children). The state started sending payments on a rolling basis in October to residents who filed their 2021 Rhode Island tax return August 31, 2022. However, for people who file an extended tax return by October 17, 2022, checks will hit mailboxes in December.

If you're married and filed a joint Rhode Island return for the 2021 tax year, you qualify for a rebate if your federal adjusted gross income can't exceed $200,000. For everyone else, your federal AGI must be $100,000 or less.

Check out the Rhode Island Division of Taxation's online tool if you want to see the status of your rebate.

For Rhode Island taxes in general, see the Rhode Island State Tax Guide .

South Carolina Stimulus Checks

South Carolina is sending tax rebate payments this year to people who file a 2021 South Carolina income tax return showing a state tax liability by February 15, 2023. The amount you receive depends on your 2021 South Carolina income tax liability, but it won't be more than $800.

Student Loans and Taxes: Some Basics to Know

If you filed your 2021 South Carolina tax return by October 17, 2022, your rebate will be issued by the end of 2022. If you file after October 17 but before February 15, 2023, your payment will be issued by March 31, 2023.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue has an online tool to track the status of your rebate.

For South Carolina taxes in general, see the South Carolina State Tax Guide .

Virginia Stimulus Checks

You had to file a 2021 Virginia income tax return by November 1, 2022, showing a net tax liability to qualify for Virginia's stimulus tax rebate of up to $250 ($500 for married couples filing a joint return).

The state is sending rebate payments on a rolling basis in the order it receives tax returns. Eligible residents who filed a 2021 Virginia tax return by September 5, 2022, have already received their payment. However, if you filed your return between September 6 and November 1, you could receive a payment in December (it could take a few months to process your payment, though).

For Virginia taxes in general, see the Virginia State Tax Guide .

For more information on these and other states' stimulus check payments this year, see State Stimulus Checks in 2022 .

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