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I think everyone is missing the point here- the manufacturer is never the one at fault when a human decides to take their product- whatever it may be- a gun, a car, a knife, a knitting needle, a random object, etc and uses it to do harm to another human. Personally, the uvalde case makes me cry and angry- however if any one is at fault for these children dying outside of the idiot that killed them- it is the police of that town. They failed those poor children. Grown men in full tactical gear afraid to enter the building. Watch the police videos, they speak for themselves. I do not personally see a point to sell these weapons to the public, sadly that weapon was purchased legally. BUT that does not mean the store or the manufacturer was at fault. Think of it this way- the cars driven into crowds of people in recent events- are the car manufacturers at fault? No! It was the driver. This is no different. As painful as this loss of innocent life is…it is not on the manufacturer


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