Local businesses, neighbors weigh in on Grant Road issues

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KGUN 9 Tucson News

For many of the businesses and neighbors on Grant Road, they're all saying the same thing — they're concerned.

The Eegees on Grant recently closed, but it's not the only local business that has recently closed down. But for businesses like Tucson Stained Glass, the owner Estelle Flores said there's no other place she'd rather run her business.

"I can't imagine doing anything else but i don't want people to be afraid," she said. "If you have a map and throw a dart on it, we are dead center...40 mins from Green Valley, 40 mins from Oro Valley."

When she opened her shop 17 years ago, she said the area was different.

"We had a screen door on the other side of the shop," she said. "We would leave the back door open to have this nice breeze."

Now, she said things aren't like that anymore. Most recently, a man walked into her shop demanding money.

"Usually I'm here by myself and I've just been getting awful things coming through the front door," she said.

So she's installed a new security system on the front door.

"I don't want to be paranoid every time I come into my shop either," she said. "And I'm constantly looking around. Every thing is wired with alarms."

Flores said she's also frustrated with the quality of the road.

"We had a customer that lost a tire as she pulled into here," she said. "And it's just that bad."

One of the neighbors Ronni Kotwica, who has lived in the neighborhood for years, said the area was supposed to be improved a long time ago.

"The Grant Road project was supposed to be done a long time ago and they haven't even started," she said. "What is happening is that our quality of life is being attacked."

She said increased police presence would help with the burglary and theft issues.

"Now as Councilman Steve Kozachik has said, we need to prosecute," she said.

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