Woman exposed as ‘fake reporter’ at Idaho murders press conference after asking ‘if killer may be female’

The Independent
The Independent

A woman posing as a reporter for a student newspaper attended a press conference by Moscow police in the Idaho quadruple murder case and asked questions to officers about the progress of the probe.

On 13 November four University of Idaho students — Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kerndole and Ethan Chapin — were stabbed to death at their off-campus home.

A fortnight later, the police are yet to identify any suspects in the case.

At a press conference conducted by the police on 23 November, a woman who identified herself as Destiny Martin with The Pathfinder, the student newspaper at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, and proceeded to ask questions to the police, reported Newsweek.

She asked if the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit agents had a “working profile” of the suspect and whether police had “ruled out the possibility that the killer might be a female”.

In a Facebook statement The Pathfinder later said that the woman was not affiliated with the newspaper.

“It has come to the attention of The Pathfinder that during the Moscow Police Department’s press conference, on Wednesday, Nov 23, an individual identified herself as a member of our staff. This is not true; the individual is not affiliated with The Pathfinder,” the statement said.

“Members of our students and staff were not in attendance at the press conference. We apologise for the confusion. We are also confused and concerned about the actions of the individual and have requested that the behavior cease.”

Moscow police said that they were informed about the incident by the newspaper and the Lewis-Clark State College.

“The Lewis-Clark State College contacted us about this individual, and we are aware,” Rachael Doniger, a spokesperson for the Moscow Police Department was quoted as telling Newsweek.

“In general, our news conferences are open to the public.

“While we do not support people misrepresenting themselves, we would refer you back to the college for any further questions and details related to their post.”

The woman has been posting videos about the investigation on her TikTok account.

“I’m trying to give you guys the most accurate information, spread awareness and I’m also trying to give you guys actual authentic coverage from a non-news source,” she said in one video clip of her TikTok video posted on YouTube.

In another clip, the woman said she is a community member who has “been helping in this investigation as a concerned citizen who was asked to help”.

She has not identified the person who made the request.

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Just for the fact that she outright lies shows she’s desperate for attention. In light of this horrific and heinous crime, she should be ashamed of herself.

Stephen Michael Petrechko

It seems unlikely that someone who lies about who they are, states that they are an interested citizen asked by police for help, then reveals they have a podcast that is covering this tragedy is not without an agenda. To say otherwise is disingenuous and a lie. The event was open to the public. Why did she feel compelled to lie about who she was? Anything after that lie, to use a legal phrase is, "fruit from the poisoned tree.".

David Brown

sounds like she needs to be investigated. criminals always return to the scene of the crime especially the questions she's asking .


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