High-speed chase ends in Ontario as suspect tries to carjack passing motorists


A man led authorities on a high-speed chase through Los Angeles County before he apparently tried to carjack passing drivers in a desperate attempt to escape capture Thursday night.

After jumping out of his car near Archibald Avenue and Oak Hill Drive in Ontario, the suspect looked for nearby motorists and tried to carjack three cars on the road - even as the drivers sped off.

California Highway Patrol officers swarmed the man after his failed carjacking attempts and tackled him to the ground to make the arrest.

AIR7 HD was over the chase around 10 p.m.

WATCH: Chase ends with suspect trying to carjack motorists

A suspect led police on a dangerous, high-speed chase from Los Angeles to Ontario and then tried to carjack passing motorists before he was tackled by officers.

While on the freeway, the suspect drove at speeds that exceeded 100 mph. It started near downtown L.A., and transitioned onto the 60 Freeway through the San Gabriel Valley before it ended in Ontario.

Moments later, AIR7 HD was over another chase in Pomona that eventually ended on the 71 Freeway in Chino Hills.

The fleeing driver in that pursuit exited the car with a female passenger and both were taken into custody. Firefighters arrived at the scene to extinguish flames after the suspect's car suddenly caught fire.

AIR7 HD was over a chase in Pomona that eventually ended on the 71 Freeway in Chino Hills.

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andy Hadzhinyan

these people have caused more damage in past 2 years daily basis than good?????how is that a normal way of life.....the truth needs to come outLET ME SAY THAT AGAIN SINCE 2020 MORE DAMAGE FINANCIALY AND PHYSICALLY TO AMERICAN PEOPLE THAN GOOD....??????HIW CAN THIS BE A NORMAL WAY OF LIFE


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