‘I was just trying to scare him in self-defense,’ Las Vegas man accused of shooting father in neck after school fight

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man is facing an attempted murder charge after he allegedly shot a man in the neck in the middle of traffic following a fight at a Las Vegas middle school, police said.

Las Vegas Metro police arrested Rene Burgos, 33, on Wednesday on charges of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon and possession of a gun by a prohibited person.

On Nov. 18 just before 3:20 p.m., Metro police were notified of a large fight involving students in the area of Hyde Park Middle School, an arrest report said. Shortly after, police received a report of a shooting in the middle of traffic on Valley View Boulevard north of Charleston Boulevard; less than half a mile from the reported fight.

A preliminary investigation showed that a red sedan with pink stickers on the rear window shot a Hispanic male in the neck who had approached the vehicle on foot, the report said.

The man who was shot was later identified as Miguel Salas who was taken to UMC Trauma by his son before officers arrived.

Detectives learned that three teenagers were involved in the fight at Hyde Middle School with the Salas’ daughter and her friends, police said.

In an interview with police, the victim’s daughter said that she and her friends were engaged in a fight at the school because of an “outstanding street beef,” the arrest report said. The daughter said that she was screaming at the boys to stop fighting when she then started to get pushed and punched as well.

After the fight, the boys were seen leaving in a red four-door sedan. Salas’s daughter called him to tell him the situation and then began to walk home with one of her friends, police said.

As they were walking home, Salas and his son picked them up and he told them that they were going to drive around in an attempt to find the red sedan, police said.

Salas was able to find the sedan stuck in traffic on Valley View Boulevard. Salas got out of the car and walked up to the sedan confronting the boys and telling them to get out of the car, the report said.

According to the arrest report, Salas said that the person in the far-right-rear passenger seat took out a semi-automatic handgun and shot him. The woman driving the red sedan screamed and drove off “recklessly,” the report said.

The woman driving the sedan was identified as one of the boys’ grandmothers. In an interview with police, she said that she was asked to drop the boys off in the area of Hyde Park Middle School, park, and wait for them on a side street.

The grandmother initially told police that she following their instructions and did believe they may have been there for a fight which she confirmed later with the boys.

After the fight, she said all three boys sat in the back seat of the sedan, and then she left the area. According to the arrest report, she then went on to tell police that while stuck in traffic she saw an adult male approach her car and challenge the boys to fight him.

She then heard two gunshots which she thought were intended for her. She drove off frantically and dropped the boys off at their apartment complex, the report said.

In a second interview, the grandmother told police that she previously omitted that two additional people were in her vehicle at the time of the shooting, one being her son Ryan Arcangel and the other Burgos.

She told police that after dropping the boys off at the school she actually left and picked up her son and Burgos from a nearby gas station and then returned to the school, the report said.

According to the report, Burgos was wearing a black hoodie and a black mask at the time of the shooting. One of the boys in the car told police that Burgos pulled out a gun when Salas approached the car and shot at him two times hitting him once in the neck.

Police arrested Burgos near Silverado Boulevard and Maryland Parkway on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

According to the arrest report, Burgos initially requested a lawyer to be present during his interview, but later told police, “you wouldn’t shoot someone if they walked up on your car and tried to open the door?”

The detective responded and said, “if the person wasn’t presenting a weapon, I wouldn’t.” Burgos then said, “I wasn’t trying to hit him, I was just trying to scare him in self-defense.”

Burgos is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. and is being held without bail.

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I don't understand how they keep referring to a 33 year old man as a boy? He's a man and should be charged with attempted murder and his claim of self-defense should be ignored since he was safely tucked in the car and not in danger of mortal harm.


first of all the father had a lot of time to go look for trouble he should have just called the authorities and told them the situation about his daughter being assaulted instead of walking up on a car and challenging people to fight.


Where were the school security people during the "school fight"? Why weren't the police called before the school "beef" escalated to the extent that it did? This is the kind of behavior in schools that the public hears about, often leading to serious injury and even death. Thought Clark County School District was putting security measures into place on school grounds to deal with this kind of behavior?


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