ZURIK: New records the city didn’t want to turn over reveal more questions about Mayor Cantrell and security detail
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D'Gr8 Cornholio

Thank you Lee Zurik and the team at Fox 8 for your relentless pursuit to expose the truth about how corrupt Latoya Cantrell is. Once again, Latoya has been trying to get the consent decree lifted and this is exactly why it is in place. Great way to state your case Destroya!!!


They need to expose all of them not just her. The people of New Orleans knows who she is. They need to get familiar with the people around her allowing her to do these things🤔

Michelle Lott-Echols

Thank you for all who are continuing to investigate & uncover her lies, deceit, & misuse of public resources & funds! she should have been fired a long time ago! this is timesheet fraud & all involved should be fired! then, NOPD can use the money from their overpaid salaries & fraudulent hours worked to hire more officers who truly work to protect the city & the community! how shameful to be stealing money from a department struggling every day to keep the city safe! she is a disgrace & should be removed from office immediately!


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