Tentative deal reached with some UC workers

ABC 10 News KGTV
ABC 10 News KGTV

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — New developments for some UC scholars and researchers after weeks of striking, they’ve now reached a tentative deal with the university system.

While there was good news for some, others haven't reached an agreement, continuing their strike, even fundraising to make ends meet in the meantime.

The deal includes things like pay increases, paid family leave, and childcare reimbursement, but those that reached a tentative deal earlier this week, won't be heading back to work yet, in support of the others still on strike.

The others are graduate student researchers and academic student employees, like teaching assistants—students like Wren Gardiner.

Gardiner, a visual arts major, created a Go Fund Me page to help students struggling during the strike, going with only a percentage of their pay.

The fundraising page isn't affiliated with the union but Gardiner says they had no choice but to ask for help.

In a statement, the UC system said in part, they believe their offers are fair, reasonable, and responsive to the union's concerns.

Contract negotiations for other groups like t.a.s and graduate students are still ongoing and students tell me they hope the school will meet their requests.

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