De'Arius Cannon denied acquittal, trial still expected to go until Dec 9

WTXL ABC 27 News
WTXL ABC 27 News

After the acquittal was denied, Cannon once again refused to testify. Court resumed shortly after.

Detective Jerry Megna of the TPD violent crimes unit took the stand. Megna testified he believed the shooting took place between two rival areas, Midway and Sawdust, Florida. Sawdust, Florida is about 20 miles west of Midway.

De'Arius Cannon, being from the Sawdust area and Tamylon Williams, who is also facing murder charges, is from Midway.

Today, Detective Megna verified that an unidentified male began to open fire first, then Tamylon Williams, and lastly De'Arius Cannon.
He concluded that he does not believe Cannon's gunfire to be what killed Demario Murray since he was hit within the first few seconds of the shooting.

"But it's your belief the unknown fella is more likely to be the one who shot Demario Murray down," said attorney.

"If— my opinion? You're asking for my opinion," said Megna.

"Yeah," said attorney.

"I can't say for certain but, more likely than not, yes. Red puffy jacket could have been the person responsible for Demario Murray's death," said Megna.

With the additional surveillance the unidentified male can be seen carrying a weapon as he runs away from the scene.

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