Pat McAfee Reacts to Neal Brown Returning to West Virginia


Neal Brown is set to return as the head football coach at West Virginia in 2023, interim AD Rob Alsop announced Wednesday in a statement sent out by the university. Much of the fan base wanted the head coach fired, but with it being this late in the game, it seems as if a large portion of folks are understanding in regards to the school's decision to retain Brown.

The topic came up on The Pat McAfee Show on Thursday afternoon and the former West Virginia punter/kicker gave his thoughts on the situation.

"I think Neal, probably a great guy. He's 22-25 in four years. His statement was 'Trust the Climb' back in the day and I think we all did. We were like, 'we like this guy, Trust the Climb,' but then there was a plateau for a while. We set up camp. We stopped climbing. So then they stopped pushing the Trust the Climb. And then new AD comes in, Wren Baker, and you just assume this guy is going to be gone and they're like no, he's back for another year. Is he a lame-duck coach then? He has a losing record after his recruits have gone through an entire cycle now. But this young class, he's got a lot of good young dogs right now, but what says that that's ever going to have success in the Big 12?"

When a few members of his panel took a few jabs at Brown, McAfee responded by pointing out a few reasons to be optimistic.

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"Neal's got a young batch at West Virginia that might get really good next year. honestly. Young wide receiver, very good. Running back, very good. Quarterback, very good. Offensive line, we got to figure that out I think. Neal Brown is going to be climbing again. And if not, he's going to be gone. And then we've got a full coaching search with a new AD."

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George Butler

I use to watch the mountaineer's all the time I quit watching because all we been doing is losing just not to the crappy teams but I wish them the best but I say we needed a new coach to get back on track my opinion


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