Clothes-closet needs help from Norfolk community as it grows

WTKR News 3
WTKR News 3

As the weather continues to get colder, you add on more layers of clothing for warmth. But this privilege is not offered to those who do not have access to what they need, daily.

Freemason Street Baptist Church hosts a "Community Clothes Closet" that continues to grow larger to fit the needs of people who experience homelessness.

“Imagine taking a shower and you're now clean, and you put on a shirt that you've now worn for three weeks. You can do a "clothes-drive" once, but then in three weeks, those clothes are gone," said Jack Ferguson, Council Chairman.

According to members, what started from five to ten people a week has expanded from 35 to 50 people every week of persons who need clothes, pants, shirts, shoes, and with the cold weather coming--mittens, hats, and coats. They're reaching out to the community to help support this cause.

"So that is the challenge that we have. How to find partners in a corporate world or out there that can provide us with that type of clothing on a sustainable basis," said Ferguson.

Freemason Street Baptist Church has partnered with other local organizations such as Norfolk Street Choir Project, New Life Church, EVMS (Eastern VA Med School), and more to provide options for free showers, free breakfasts, health screenings plus art and choral programs.

For more information on how you or others can get involved, visit the church website or connect with them on social media at FSBC -Facebook .

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