WATCH: Brave Jack Russell Stands Up to Full-Grown Elephant
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Dog lovers know that jack Russell Terriers are known for being tiny dogs with very big personalities. Elephant-sized personalities, one could say. Well, at least one Jack Russell Terrier is thinking he’s as big as an elephant as he stands up to a pair of these wild animals, hoping to protect a backyard pool in an adorable Insta post.

This Jack Russell Terrier Shows His Fearless Side, Standing Up Against Some Unexpected Visitors

Jack Russell Terriers can be tough little pups. This type of dog is known well for typically fearless personalities…mixed with a sort of unrelenting tenacity. A personality trait that is proven well by little Pepper in a recent video clip. Pepper is not too pleased with a pair of unexpected visitors approaching his home’s backyard pool in Zambia.

This small pup with a very big personality is described by his owner as being quite “cheeky”. Something that becomes very clear as the pup with the big personality barks in protest as a pair of elephants approaches the pool. As soon as the pup catches a glimpse of the elephants, it sits right up, ready to “protect” his clan and his home from these unusual visitors. Then, Pepper runs outside, hoping to shoo the elephants away from the Mfuwe, Zambia home.

Pepper Shows Off His Gaurd Dog Skills, Sending The Elephants On Their Way

Nathalie, Pepper’s owner, shared the moment in an Instagram post. Giving us a glimpse into what Pepper was likely thinking when he chased the elephants away.

“Sorry I have been busy!!!,” the Insta post reads, adding that Pepper knows the elephant-fighting personality wasn’t a favorite that day.

“My humans not pleased with my behavior,” the pup adds. “[S]orry.”.

In the post, we see Pepper notice the animals while chilling on a chair. Then, the pup takes off in a flash, running outside to bark and “charge” at the elephants. This fierce pup may be little, but it was enough to send the animals on their way! The young elephants backed off fairly quickly, one letting out a trumpet as Pepper charged in their direction.

The Insta post also notes that the elephants have “a place to drink and bath in the lagoon just behind.”

According to Nathalie, elephants visit the area frequently during the dry seasons. And these elephants, Natalie notes, likely “decided to check the pool as a digestive, it seems.”

“Not great for the animal,” Nathalie shares. “And Pepper thought the same.”

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