Leah Remini Takes to Twitter and Has Words for Danny Masterson After Court Ruling
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Refusing to hold back her thoughts, Leah Remini took to Twitter to address That ’70 Show’s Danny Masterson and the mistrial court ruling.

Leah Remini shared her statement about the trial and called out Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige for reading her tweets. Although it wasn’t the outcome she wanted for Masterson’s victims, Remini said she is glad a retrial is already scheduled. “My heart breaks for the women who have been courageously and tirelessly fighting for justice for over five years. For years, they have been targeted and harassed by Scientology and its agents. They have also been harassed by their family members and friends who remain in Scientology.

Leah Remini then said after the women went to Scientology ethics officials about the incidents, they went to the LAPD. However, nothing came of their attempts to seek justice. The reports were filed nearly two decades ago. “Scientology did everything it could to destroy that case then, and they are doing everything they can now to destroy this case. Scientology was responsible for reporting these crimes to civil authorities but did no such thing. Instead, it covered them up.”

Leah Remini further accused Scientology and its leader of obstructing justice. The religious organization was also accused of participating in the conspiracy of covering Masterson’s crimes up. “They have done this many other times in cases of rape and other sexual misconduct. Scientology should be a co-defendant in the subsequent trial.”

The actress also noted that Scientologists’ well-funded “reign of terror” will one day come to a close. “To all those fighting to expose Scientology for their crimes,” she continued. “And fighting a system that seems to protect all misogynistic, patriarchal, self-protecting abusive institutions, rest, for now, you deserve it.”

She added, “We will prevail.”

Leah Remini Recently Called Out Scientology For Covering Up Danny Masterson’s Sexual Assaults

Leah Remini’s comments about Masterson come just weeks after she accused the Church of Scientology of covering up the That ‘70s Show’s alleged sexual assaults. In a series of tweets, Remini stated that Scientologists are forbidden from contacting law enforcement when another Scientologist has committed a crime against them. “If you do, you will be declared a suppressive person,” she wrote. “And lose your family, friends, and livelihood overnight.”

Leah Remini then used Masterson as an example. “I’m sharing this with you because there is a criminal trial going on right now that is not getting enough attention on social media. Actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson is on trial in Los Angeles on charges of raping multiple women. Most of the women who have credibly accused Danny of rape were Scientologists and reported their rapes to top ethics officials in Scientology and a few trusted friends.”

The actress then said in Scientology, followers are forbidden from ever reporting a fellow Scientologist to law enforcement. They are also not allowed to sue Scientologists unless Scientology officials first approve it.

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ZenDen mom

People should have the right to take legal action against anyone in scientology or scientology as a whole. They should not be above the laws. It's ridiculous, actually. I understand that they are very large financial contributors; however, what is that promoting in our city? What example does that set? We cannot allow this to continue. Regardless of what business contract you sign, your basic human rights should not be removed. This gets me fired up a bit.

Jane Q. Public

The Cult of Scientology needs to be dismantled. They are a cult enjoying the benefits and protections of church and religion. It is neither. Their members are brainwashed like Manson followers. I hear a lot of people saying exactly what I just did, but I also see them watching these celebrities' movies, shows, buying their merchandise, etc. You are financially supporting this cult by doing so.


Its 5 women who came forward, who knows, theres probably more thats too scared to come forward. I tend to believe them if theres that many. Wishing them luck in the future trial! Hes a pig


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