The great dying: A new study may have revealed the reason behind world's largest mass extinction

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James C Abner

Well of course this happened, it was inevitable since there was no one there to switch to electric volcanoes, pour tomato soup on cave drawings, shut down dino paths but sitting in the path, and no media to push climate change agendas…. Thank god we’re good now; nothing to worry about, tax dollars can fix anything!

Lou Oppomac

the way this country and world is running with the hate and the fighting that's going on and the nuclear weapons I'm surprised that we haven't had an Extinction long ago

Susan Swafford

yeah its crazy they want to tax us and put restrictions on humanity while these volcanos are putting out more carbon than we could in 200 years. If it's true (witch, it's not and just an excuse for wealrh transfers and taxing). Those volcanos definitely defeat the purpose. The carbon of humanity is just 1% of the problem. It's a complete lie!


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