Elon Musk Says Some Twitter Users Should Expect To See Follower Count Drop: Here's Why


If Twitter users see a decline in their follower count, it's because Elon Musk is purging spam and fraudulent accounts from the microblogging service.

What Happened: Musk took to Twitter to announce that the platform is removing bots and fake accounts, so users' follower count could drop.

Why It's Important: Before acquiring Twitter in a highly-publicized deal, Musk said that defeating bots would be a priority and they'll beat the spam bots or die trying.

He also accused Twitter — before finalizing the deal — of inaccurate bot representation in public filings, saying that 20% of the accounts on the platform were fake.

Since Musk started spearheading Twitter, the microblogging site has introduced various features to live by his promise. However, the battle against spammers, bots and fake accounts is facing challenges due to a barrage of misinformation and impersonations.

The revamped Twitter Blue version that enables anyone to gain a verification badge by paying a monthly premium of $8 led to the platform becoming a hotbed of verified-but-fake accounts.

Musk himself wasn't spared and quickly suspended accounts mimicking him.

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