19 Screenshots Of Wildly Entitled People Who Nearly Ruined The Holiday Season With Their Bad Attitudes


1. This two-part tree drama:
u/Lacroix_boiii / Via
u/Lacroix_boiii / Via

2. This person who wanted strangers to take their kids for Christmas:
u/TheFartingKing_56 / Via

3. This person who needs a PS4 to spend quality time with their kids:
u/Togic996 / Via

4. This person who really had me in the first half, not gonna lie:
u/nostril_extension / Via

5. These neighbors with some nerve:
u/[deleted] / Via

6. This person who asked for a present:
u/[deleted] / Via

7. This person who just wanted someone to clean up for them:
u/realitydesign / Via

8. This person who went the "guilt trip" route:
u/Vindictive_Barista / Via

9. This person who asked for quite the discount:
u/Kateryna_Mazhuha / Via
u/Kateryna_Mazhuha / Via

10. This person who decided to do their Christmas shopping...on Christmas:
u/Terrifiedspork / Via

11. This nightmare parent who is definitely raising a spoiled kid:
u/KetoMyLastHope / Via

12. This person who wouldn't just pay the $12:
u/lefeisia / Via

13. This couple who is in desperate need of a free Christmas tree:
u/Cayslayy / Via

14. This sticky sticker situation:
u/whynuttzy / Via

15. This person who is canceling Christmas over $20:
u/[deleted] / Via

16. This person who wanted their Facebook friends to fund their Christmas gifts:
u/perfectlypointless / Via

17. This person who resorted to name-calling:
u/TheBestJamian / Via

18. This person who wanted something free, all in the name of Christmas spirit:
u/onewordgo / Via

19. Finally, this person who posted their family's wish list on Facebook:
u/midnightsun08 / Via

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