East Bay homeowners, public works crews prepare for upcoming storm

CBS San Francisco
CBS San Francisco

East Bay crews clear roads, prepare for upcoming storm 02:29

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY – As the month of December begins with a significant storm, people all across the East Bay were taking steps to prepare.

On Wednesday, homeowners and landscapers were clearing away leaves from yards and driveways as part of their normal routine this time of year. Doing this just before the rain arrives can make a big difference for everyone around them too.

"Leaves will inevitably come into the roadways and then storm drain systems," said Chris Lau of Contra Costa County Public Works.

Minimizing flooded roads and clearing major arteries are key.

East Bay commuters to and from El Sobrante using San Pablo Dam Road know very well how conditions can quickly change.

"There can be a lot of water so you have to take it pretty slow," said David Shindle of Orinda.

I knew the rain was coming. I just didn't know how much," said Ed Davis of El Sobrante.

Contra Costa County Public Works crews have been working all week clearing as many ditches including tree limbs, loose rocks, and massive amounts of dirt that can lead to dangerous road conditions.

"It can jump the ditch and flow onto the roadway, which could cause hydroplaning or loose pavement. Slippery pavement for bicyclists as well as drivers," said Lau.

As crews race to clear the way, many commuters understand an inconvenience now is a small price to pay for the benefits that come along with a major downpour.

"It's pretty dry out there right out there right now. We definitely need the rain," said Dave Luna of Richmond.

"I want the rain. I love the rain.  I'll go out and stand in the rain," said Renee Penaloza.

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