Maryland Transportation Authority alters deadline for settling E-ZPass toll fines

CBS Baltimore
CBS Baltimore

Maryland Transportation Authority alters deadline for settling E-ZPass toll fines 02:41

BALTIMORE -- Maryland E-ZPass drivers will have more time to settle their outstanding bills.

The deadline to pay tolls sans penalties was originally set for Wednesday night. Transportation officials have been waiving fees for nine months, citing the impact of the pandemic.

But in the last remaining hours of that grace period, Maryland Transportation Authority extended that deadline to Dec. 14.

Drivers from all over the state have expressed frustration with the payment-plan system. Some of them have claimed the outrageous bills were inaccurate.

E-ZPass customer Kenny Smith told WJZ that he received a couple hundred of the boxes that go out to people who owe toll fines.

"I don't even use the thing every day," Smith said.

Thousands of dollars are at stake for some people.

Smith said he had been waiting in line outside of the E-ZPass customer service center near the Fort McHenry Tunnel to discuss the toll fines since 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

He stood in the cold and the rain, undeterred for hours.

"I just don't understand the system," he said. "There's two systems it seems: E-ZPass and video systems and thousands of dollars."

E-ZPass Customer Breanna Petty noted that she had been in line for eight hours.

Even after the MTA announced that there would be an extension to the grace period, people remained in line to discuss their fines and grievances.

"I'm not going anywhere," E-ZPass customer Leo Johnson said.

Those who were able to settle their debt expressed shock at the amount they were expected to pay.

"With the fees. it would've been $14,000," E-ZPass customer Breanna Petty said. "Today, I paid $,3300."

Some people appeared to be grateful for the grace-period extension.

"I came here thinking that I could just do all mine at once, real quick," Johnson said. "But you know, got to pay the price: wait."

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