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SPOKANE, Wash. — As the Washington State Department of Transportation looks to find housing for people at Camp Hope, they released statistics on the camp for the winter.

WSDOT says as of November 25, there are 433 people living at Camp Hope. There were 467 people living there according to a census on November 4, meaning the camp population has shrunk by seven percent in November.

Of the people living at the camp, 60 percent of them are male, 39 percent are female, 42 percent have a self-reported disability, and 389 were from the greater Spokane area, according to WSDOT.

The state says they are looking to transition those living at the camp into appropriate shelter and housing, but there isn’t enough housing in Spokane to meet the need at this time.

According to state comprehensive data, there are over 5,200 people experiencing homelessness in Spokane County, with most shelters at capacity.

WSDOT is currently in step three of its four-step plan to clear Camp Hope. After stabilizing and securing the site, WSDOT is now looking to house Camp Hope’s occupants before closing, cleaning, and restoring the area.

WSDOT also says East Central residents can call 509-666-9902 to report neighborhood concerns about the camp.

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Freya'sdottir X

most are addicts and/or crazy. they won't accept help. jewels helping hands is responsible for this mess and should be investigated and put out of business. Garcia needs to be jailed for fraud and abusing the vulnerable.

scottie L

My brother lives in his motorhome. He has a good job, but just chooses to live in his camper. But he doesn't live on private property either. He has a spot at a friend's. He is perfectly comfortable. My point is, these people choose this. There is a 1 hour documentary called Seattle is dying. It's worth a watch.

Super guest

Can you imagine the cleanup detail?! Disgusting!! I drove by the place to see how it really looked and it was so nasty. Huge piles of garbage and there were people wandering around mumbling to themselves. I doubt there are any landlords who would want any of these people living in their rentals.


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