9 Actors Who Were Almost On "Glee" And 6 "Glee" Actors Who Almost Played A Different Role


Glee was a cultural moment, and a lot of actors wanted roles on the show. Here are some actors who were almost on Glee :

1. Justin Timberlake

Glee creator Ryan Murphy said that the role of Will Schuester was written with Justin Timberlake in mind .

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Fox

2. Aaron Tveit

There are clips of the Tony winner auditioning for Finn and Ryan Murphy saying that he wanted the cast to look like real Midwestern kids, not models.

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3. Kristin Cavallari

Kristin revealed that she once auditioned for Glee and sang "Jesus Loves Me" for her audition. (She didn't say what role she auditioned for, but based on the song choice, I'm gonna guess Quinn.)

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4. Todrick Hall

Todrick made a video called "I Wanna Be On Glee" to audition for the show, and though it got millions of views, it didn't secure him a role.

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5. Whitney Houston

Ryan Murphy said Whitney Houston was in talks to play Grace Hitchens , but the role ultimately went to Eve.

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6. Lizzo

Lizzo auditioned for The Glee Project (the reality competition show designed to find new cast members for Glee ), but she didn't make it on the show.

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7. Lili Reinhart

Though she didn't say what role it was for, Lili has said that she did audition for Glee . I like to think it was for Marley.

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8. Jon Cozart

The YouTuber auditioned for The Glee Project and made it part of the way through the initial casting process .

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9. Nina Dobrev

Nina was a huge fan of the show and admitted in 2010 that she auditioned for Glee . Considering how early in the show that was, I'm gonna guess she auditioned for Rachel.

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And here are some actors who did make it onto Glee , but almost played a different role than what they ended up with:

10. Darren Criss

Years before he landed the role of Blaine, Darren auditioned for the part of Finn .

Ncampos / Getty Images for GreenSlate, Fox

11. Chris Colfer

The role of Kurt didn't exist when the show was first created. Chris Colfer auditioned for Artie , and the writers decided to write a whole new part just for him.

Gilbert Flores / Variety via Getty Images, Fox

12. Skylar Astin

He eventually ended up playing the lead singer in a rival show choir for one episode, but Skylar auditioned for the pilot originally (which means it was probably for Finn).

Amy Sussman / Getty Images, Fox

13. Adam Lambert

Adam played Elliott in later seasons of Glee , but he first auditioned for the show way back before he even auditioned for American Idol . He ended up being rejected for being too old. Based on the timeline, it's really likely that he also auditioned for Finn.

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14. Samuel Larsen

He got the role of Joe Hart by competing on The Glee Project , but before that, he was in the running to play Sam Evans .

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15. Finally, Romy Rosemont

She played Finn's mom, Carole, but she first auditioned for the role of Sue Sylvester .

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