Bill Bellamy Details Jamie Foxx And LL Cool J’s ‘Any Given Sunday’ Brawl


Over 20 years ago, Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J got into a now-infamous fight on the set of Any Given Sunday. The brawl led to a heated feud between the two for years before the tension ultimately subsided. Now, one witness to their previous strife is stepping forward with his version of the story.

Bill Bellamy , who appeared alongside Foxx and LL in the film, recently sat with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on Drink Champs for a comical career retrospective. The Newark native, 57, discussed that one time on set when Big Elly knocked the Unpredictable crooner out.

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“I seen Jamie tell one side. Then, I seen LL tell his side and they left me out the middle and they left a lot out […] I sat on the story for 20-something years ’cause it was hilarious at the time that this really, truly happened,” Bellamy began.
ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, Al Pacino (center, pointing), 1999. ©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection.

As he recalls, “everybody was gassed up, but the reality of the movie was the context—its conflict of egos with these players.” The Def Comedy Jam alum explained that the Queens rapper was getting upset when sparring with Foxx’s sarcastic wit. “You can’t be a rapper hanging around comedians tryna snap,” Bellamy stated.

At one point, Bellamy says he even stepped in to tell Foxx “stop f**king with” LL. “I’m telling you that’s my dude, he don’t play like that. Do what you wanna do, but I’m telling you he ain’t that one,” he warned his costar at the time.

Foxx did his best at attempting to diffuse the off-screen situation, but once the former In Living Color star busted LL’s lip, there was, apparently, no turning back. “He was so mad and it just seemed like he was growing […] His voice changed and everything. He said, ‘On everything I love, ain’t nothin’ you gon’ do to get me to stop what’s gon’ happen to you.'” Moments later, LL knocked Foxx out and the scene made the film. “Nobody yelled ‘cut!’,” said Bellamy.

The comedian continued to recount that LL ended up flying in an 85-member crew from New York to guard his trailer the next day while Foxx had only a handful of people at his aid. However, filming was able to resume with the help of NFL legend Jim Brown . “He called a meeting like he’s bringing the Crips and Bloods together in my trailer. No, I’m not bulls**tting. He just gave us some type of clarity. We did look crazy at the end of the day.”

Watch the full, animated reflection from Bellamy above. Watch the fight here . Any Given Sunday is currently streaming on Netflix.

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