Tulsa doctors treating mix of viruses post-Thanksgiving

2 News Oklahoma KJRH Tulsa
2 News Oklahoma KJRH Tulsa

Doctors in Tulsa are treating patients dealing with an array of sicknesses, including RSV, COVID-19, the flu, strep throat and sinus infections after Thanksgiving.

Medical professionals urge people to try their best to stay away from wherever the sickness is lingering, including school and work environments, and see a doctor to get properly tested.

Tulsa urgent care parking lots looked like it could have been Black Friday on Wednesday.

Diane White of Tulsa says she was just getting over a bad case of bronchitis.

“Coming to the doctor, I got a good check-up today," White said.

But it was not always like that. She just got over an upper respiratory infection later turning to bronchitis around Thanksgiving. She said it was hard for her to breathe at times.

“It settled in my chest, and I got to where I couldn’t breathe really well. You could hear it. Oh, it was terrible."

It’s all right around the time Dr. Mathew Else, a family medicine doctor at Utica Park Clinic, says viruses started ramping up.

“Everybody got together so they all just kind of spread it around," Else said.

Whether it’s COVID-19, the flu, RSV, strep throat or a sinus infection, Else says he’s seen it all in people young and old for a few weeks.

He says RSV spikes seems to be making a re-appearance, as more children are back to in-person learning, versus previous COVID years where some children opted for distance learning.

“By sending your children to school, you are continuing the problem of spreading that illness," Else said. "If possible, I know it’s hard to find child care, but try to bring them into your pediatrician and get tested.”

White knows all about it. Her grandchildren were also recently sick.

“They had a stomach bug," White said. "They said that was going around and they missed a week of school.”

Doctors recommend people continue to wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, wear a mask if need be, and try to stay away from wherever the virus is lingering, including work and school.

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