VIDEO: BASE Jumper Slams Cliff Before Chute Snags a Rock in Death-Defying Moment
(Photo by MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images)

A BASE jumper caught a lucky break over the Thanksgiving weekend, one that, more than likely, saved their life. Footage captures the moment a BASE jumper at Kane Creek Canyon in Moab, Utah slammed into the side of a cliff at a high rate of speed. Supposedly, the contact knocked them unconscious. Reports state the one thing that saved the jumper’s life was their parachute, however, not in a way we would expect. Instead, the chute only partially deployed during the feat and became caught on a rock, stopping the athlete’s fall.

Lauren Steinbrecher, a reporter out of Salt Lake City, originally posted the clip on social media. She said in her post that the BASE jumper fortunately survived their death-defying moment. However, that said, they were forced to wait about an hour for rescue until crews could come to free the daredevil from the cliff.

TMZ reports the BASE jumper had been exploring a 400-foot cliff at Kane Creek Canyon called the Tombstone. Jumping from rock face to rock face, things suddenly took a turn for the worse. The clip shows the moment a large wind gust seized the BASE jumper’s parachute, sending them careening into the cliff.

The people heard narrating the above clip were, according to the news outlet, hikers. They had been recording the athlete’s feat when they crashed. Once the jumper’s chute became stuck on a rock, we hear the videographer and he companions reacting to the scene. Several of them said, “Oh no,” “Oh my God,” and, “Is he just hanging there?”

Though the BASE jumper had to wait an hour for rescue from Grand County Search and Rescue, Steinbrecher states they survived. That said, she added, “I only know the BASE jumper is in critical condition after being airlifted to the hospital.”

So far, there have been no further updates.

What is a BASE Jumper?

While we’re relieved to hear that the BASE jumper involved in the weekend’s incident survived their ordeal, some of you might be wondering what exactly BASE jumping is. In essence, it’s yet another extreme outdoors sport and the BASE in BASE jumping actually stands for the ways in which these athletes can partake in the sport.

A quick search tells you that BASE is an acronym. The letters of the acronym stand for buildings, bridges, and antennas, with the sport spanning everything from manmade objects to the earth itself. These objects are what BASE jumpers—such as the one in the viral video above—choose to launch themselves from.

TMZ reminds us that BASE jumping, like solo climbing is an extremely dangerous sport. The outlet states that the chance for serious injury or even death is “very real.”

As we await further news on the jumper’s condition, Twitter users began sending their prayers.

One person commented on TMZ’s post, “Prayers.Sent.”

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Joseph Roberts

When base jumping there are no mistakes allowed. He is lucky he can jump again another day. All I can say is Hey somebody was looking out for you son." 😇

Shane Edwards

Life without these kinds of risks is more enjoyable, than whatever the joy is, they get by taking these kinds high risks. At least, that is how I feel about my life and the reason that I would never take these kinds of risks. I always question just how happy people are in life when they partake in activities with such a high risk of ending their life.


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