‘Good Morning America’ Anchors Romance Revealed
Photo by: Dia Dipasupil / Staff

It appears like two anchors from “Good Morning America” are becoming more than colleagues. According to recent reports, new photos of longtime GMA co-anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes show the pair getting close while in New York City.

The two have been co-anchors of the segment GMA3: What You Need To Know, which is the third hour of the popular morning show, since 2020.

In a recent report from the Daily Mail, they report that “for the past six months, the married co-hosts have been sharing much more than a mutual love of running and the great outdoors.”

Recently surfaced pics show the two holding photos at each other’s apartments. It also shows them sharing a date at a Times Square bar, and on vacation together just before Thanksgiving in upstate New York.

“Everyone knows that Amy and T.J. have been close friends for a long time now, running together and even socializing as a foursome with each other’s spouses,” an insider told the outlet about the duo.

“They were in London together filming the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for ABC. They were all over each other, and staff were buzzing about the intimacy between them.”

Mystery remains surrounding GMA anchors’ current relationship with spouses

It’s worth mentioning that both GMA anchors are married. In 2010, Holmes married Marilee Fiebig. In addition, Robach has been married to Andrew Shue also since 2010.

However, Robach and her husband were last seen publicly together in May 2022. “It is not known when or how Holmes’s wife, 44-year-old attorney Marilee Fiebig, and Robach’s husband, former “Melrose Place” actor Shue, 55, learned of the romance, but both couples went their separate ways last August, according to sources,” the Daily Mail wrote.

A bystander in November saw the lovebirds at a Times Square bar. “They were totally into each other,” the source said. “She was giggling at whatever he was saying, and they were looking at each other’s phones. At one point she was kind of dancing in her chair to the music and laughing so hard she practically fell into his lap.”

In addition, people started getting suspicious after the two ran in this year’s NYC marathon together. Robach later posted pictures of the two running toward the finish line next to one another.

Until recently, the pair appeared to be nothing but friends, keeping things platonic between them. Although their spouses may be in on their secret romance, Robach and Holmes still attempt to keep their love affair on the down low.

Holmes has a nine-year-old daughter with his spouse and other children from a previous relationship. In addition, Robach has two daughters from her first marriage. Her husband has three sons of his own.

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They are close friends last heard..they hung out together, go on runs together, happily married...why assume they have more than a great friendship? If they do, so be it, their lives


I don't believe they would jeopardize their careers. this is crazy, they do have good chemistry on their hour platform. but, I don't believe they're a couple.


When good friend don't grab the other rear, hold hand and go away and spend time together alone in a cottage for a weekend! And you clearly don't end your your years of marriage to be with your best friend. Nothing about this suprises me, it said they have been trying to hide it for months! They barely know each other, there are children involved how do you do this to someone you took vows with. Let's see how Karma rewards these two.


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