Video Reveals Morning Tornado Ripping Through Panama City, Florida as Cars Casually Keep Driving
(Photo by NOAA Photo Library/Getty Images)

Following an intense morning weather-wise, a new video of a tornado ripping through Panama City, Florida has surfaced on Twitter.

WeatherNation posted the video and wrote, “A tornado warning was issued for Panama City Beach, Florida earlier this morning and this is why. Stay weather aware if you are in FL this morning, a lot of severe storms are moving through.”

WeatherNation also posted another video of a water spout, this time off the coast of Panama City Beach. “Not only were tornadoes ripping through Panama City Beach, Florida earlier this morning, but they were also dealing with water spouts,” the media outlet shared.

Meanwhile, FOX Weather reported that several severe storms ended up turning deadly in the south. At least 30 tornadoes were reported in three states. The states are Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. The weather events started on Tuesday afternoon and continued to sweep east on Wednesday morning. The media outlet also revealed that as of Wednesday morning, rain and thunderstorms are ongoing from the Florida Panhandle northward all the way to the eastern Carolinas.

NOAA’s Storm Prediction issued a tornado watch until noon for portions of the Florida Panhandle as well as southeast Georgia. Those areas under the watch did include Apalachicola and Tallahassee in Florida. Severe thunderstorms will linger in the southeast on Wednesday and will go through in the late morning hours.

Besides Florida, Other Southern States Are Dealing With Tornadoes

Along with tornadoes being spotted in Panama City Beach, Florida, Montgomery County in Alabama experienced some severe weather that killed at least two people and left one other person with life-threatening injuries.

FOX Weather then shared that the Montgomery City-County Emergency Management Agency reported multiple injuries during the tornado. There was also significant damage to homes and businesses in the area. “We don’t have an exact number, and I do not want to give out incorrect information,” Christina Thornton, Director of the Montgomery City-County EMA, stated. “But there are minor, moderate (injuries) and the two fatalities that we have suffered in our community at this time.”

Thornton also told CNN, “Thanks to the heroic efforts of our first responders many other lives were saved. We pray for our community as we mourn this tragic loss of lives.”

Also in Alabama, it was reported that an apartment complex was torn apart late Tuesday near Eutaw in Greene County. The damage includes a roof being torn off and fallen walls that exposed residents’ rooms. In Akron, Alabama, one tree landed on a room of someone’s home. County emergency management Director Russell Weeden revealed that no injuries were immediately reported in Akron.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, four people are being treated after being seriously injured during a possible tornado on Tuesday evening. The event took place in Caldwell Parish.

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Kevin Corbett

since when has Florida been a tornado state I have lived here my entire life we have tornadoes during hurricanes but when if we ever had a tornado from a thunderstorm or a windstorm🤷🏽‍♂️

Aaron Hess

anyone else thinking of the weather being manipulated by HARP


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