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43% of North Dakotans’ fluid intake is caffeine and alcohol

By Brendan Rodenberg,


BISMARCK, N.D. ( KXNET ) — We all have our favorite drinks that keep us energized, on the move, or happy. To fight sleepiness at work, for unwinding after it, during celebrations with friends, or being used to power through late-night gaming sessions, we often turn to beverages like beer, coffee, cola, and energy drinks for the different kinds of buzz we need and enjoy.

Whether it’s caffeine or alcohol, many people look forward to a morning coffee and a nightcap with dinner — and with America being home to over 120,000 bars and coffee shops, it’s clear that this isn’t a trend that will die anytime soon. However, this drink dependency can do more harm than good.

The more dangerous side of these beverages is one that has caught the attention of nutrition site Drug Genius — which put forward a study to determine exactly how much of America’s fluid intake consists of these two deceptively delicious drinks.

North Dakota has been measles-free since 2011, however…

Overall, the survey — consisting of 4,000 respondents in the USA — found that the average person in the US’s daily fluid intake is 30% alcohol and caffeine. Here in North Dakota, it’s even worse, with 43% of ours consisting solely of the two. While booze has always been a staple of our culture, the overwhelming popularity of coffee shops and coffee bars over recent years has only furthered the increased intake.

This isn’t to say that the craze is entirely bad: there are plenty of studies that show the numerous health benefits of coffee, and even a few that argue for the benefits of alcohol from time to time. Even so, they need to be used sparingly, as consuming too much of either can have serious negative effects, including higher risks of addiction, anxiety, and dehydration.

When it comes to the entire United States and addictive drinks, a few trends in the survey were noted that show our lean towards them goes beyond just an acquired taste.

  • The average drinker in the US spends $947 a year on coffee and comfort food after hangovers.
  • The average drinker in the survey has stated that they wouldn’t mind gaining 13 pounds in order to continue drinking alcohol — this is the equivalent of permanently carrying over 200 slices of bacon in the body.
  • 37% of surveyed individuals say they deem alcohol and coffee as essential weekly purchases.
  • 48% of survey respondents consider themselves to be ‘Booze Fit’ — who do not appear to be affected by hangovers. One in ten drinkers who consume alcohol also believes that increased alcohol tolerance helps to strengthen their bodies.
  • 47% of those who work long hours note that having an alcoholic drink at the end of the day helps them to relax at the day’s end.

While it’s okay to continue your consumption of these drinks from time to time, if you’re concerned about some of these study results, you might want to try a different way to get your fix. While finding a substitute for alcohol is difficult, Drug Genius offers up these three items as replacements for your morning cup of joe.

  • Tetracitrene — This naturally-occurring compound is made from citrus peel, and provides a quick burst of energy similar to what you’d get from a cup of coffee without the caffeine. It’s also been seen to help provide sustainable energy and improve concentration and appetite control.
  • Electrolyte Drinks — These both hydrate the body and directly provide nutrients, as well as an energy boost. While not as effective in the immediate energy boost as caffeine, it makes up for this by containing vitamins, hydrates you faster than water alone, and significantly boosts energy levels.
  • Chicory Root — A root that can be roasted, ground, and brewed like traditional coffee beans. While it doesn’t have the caffeine that a cup of coffee does, it has a similar taste and helps to support a healthy gut.

To view the full study, visit this page .

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