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Lisa Griffin

come on...why can't you ask people about themselves?? how else will you get to know them. 🤔 I think she made a big deal of her line of questions.

Zip It

So maybe the lady who is the head of a charity should have been more charitable. She heads an organization for women from Africa and the Carribean but is adamant in pointing out she is from Britian. Why is she so ashamed of her ancestry and maybe the old lady was ineptly trying to generate a deeper conversation. Today's world is not more understanding it is more intolerant.

Darla s w Gabaldon

she was over 80 years old, not an excuse but one has to remember she's been pampered and probably hard of hearing or has alzheimer. after a certain age we ask same question 20 times or more, at least that's what my daughter says. lol. people needs to remember that mix marriage were not accepted even in usa till maybe 20 to 30 years ago. trust me I know that for a fact as I'm in an interracial marriage, so many of the "old people ways" no longer exist with the people less than 60 years of age. I will admit racism hurts everyone and in ever color including white. if I could wave a magic wand and say no more racism I would have done that when I was born.


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