Lakers News: Last Night's Most Exciting Shot For L.A. Fans Happened During A Timeout


A feel-good story on an otherwise feel-bad night.

Your Los Angeles Lakers botched an incredibly winnable game last night, fumbling a 17-point fourth quarter advantage to eventually forfeit the contest to the visiting Indiana Pacers, 116-115 , on Monday night.

Perhaps it's fitting that the most entertaining moment of the evening, from a Lakers fan perspective at least, transpired during a break in play.

Lifelong Laker fan Jamie Murray was selected to take a half-court heave for a potential $75,000 cash prize.

And this was the result.

"I went to a little camp at Apollo Park, not too far from my house," the 24-year-old Murray said, per CBSLA . "I would just play in the games, play pick up when I got older and now I play at the gym."

"We were scanning the tickets and a lady approaches us, and she's like 'You guys want to enter for a chance to win some money?'" Murray said. "I was like 'Is there a catch?'... I kind of wanted to load it up from about the right side, and let it off in the middle... You know, aim it correctly. That was my technique."

Murray, currently an Amazon delivery driver, nailed the mid-court miracle, and can be seen in the broadcast clip video being congratulated by Lakers Anthony Davis, Dennis Schroder, Thomas Bryant, Matt Ryan and Juan Toscano-Anderson. Reserve Lakers forwards Ryan and Juan actually are in position to grab the rebound, and are photographed getting amped for Murray as soon as his shot goes through the net.

"I had my little fangirl moment," Murray said of his interaction with the Lakers players. "I was just so excited to hug [Davis,] see everybody. "It was just a crazy experience."

"My mom, she comes first always, so you know, [I intend to give some of the winnings] to her," he said. "Christmas is coming up, so anybody in my family who wants some presents. And the rest, I have to save it. I had to play it smart with this."

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