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Score updates and live updates for the Virginia Cavaliers at Michigan Wolverines men's basketball game in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge

The No. 3-ranked Virginia Cavaliers (6-0) defeated the Michigan Wolverines (5-2) on Tuesday night in Ann Arbor in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Read play-by-play and live analysis for the game below. Most recent updates are at the top of the page.

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Final Score: Virginia 70, Michigan 68

Franklin misses the second free throw and Michigan quickly moves the ball up the floor. Jett Howard elevates for a three-pointer, but Reece Beekman and Jayden Gardner are right there and Gardner blocks Howard's shot as time expires. What a clutch block from Gardner and what a gutsy win for the Cavaliers on the road. Virginia beats Michigan 70-68.

Final. Virginia 70, Michigan 68

Clark makes the second free throw and UVA leads by four. Jett Howard threads a pass down low for Dickinson, who rolled off the screen and scores an easy layup to chop the deficit in half. UVA gets the ball in bounds to Armaan Franklin, who is fouled. Franklin misses the first free throw and Michigan calls a timeout.

Virginia 70, Michigan 68 | 5.7 2H

UVA in-bounds the ball to Kihei Clark, who is immediately fouled and will shoot a one-and-one. Clark makes the front end and Michigan calls timeout.

Virginia 69, Michigan 66 | 14.2 2H

Jayden Gardner tries to drive on Dickinson but the defense is strong and Gardner leaves his floater short off the rim. Vander Plas stands his ground on Dickinson, who misses his sky-hook. Jayden Gardner springs free off of a screen and splashes a clutch jumper off the feed from Beekman. Reece Beekman jumps a passing lane and intercepts a pass and is fouled. Howard is called for a clear-path foul, giving UVA two free throws and the ball. Beekman misses the first, but makes the second and Virginia leads 68-66 with 15 seconds left.

Virginia 68, Michigan 66 | 0:15 2H

Shedrick and Gardner double Hunter Dickinson in the post and Beekman intercepts Dickinson's kick-out pass. Shedrick misses a mid-range jumper. Gardner and Shedrick double Dickinson again and Shedrick gets clocked in the jaw by Dickinson's elbow, but the refs call Shedrick for a foul for being in Dickinson's cylinder. Shedrick fouls out of the game and UVA will be without its starting center for the remaining 1:41 of the game. Dickinson misses the first, but makes the second free throw to give Michigan the lead. Tony Bennett calls timeout.

Virginia 65, Michigan 66 | 1:41 2H

Ben Vander Plas backs down his defender and scores inside to give Virginia its first lead since it was 13-12 in the first half. Shedrick is called for a foul and exits the game with four fouls. Bufkin makes both free throws to tie the game. UVA goes right back to Vander Plas on the next play and he scores again with a right hook deep in the paint. Vander Plas rises up and knocks down a three-pointer from the right wing and has scored each of Virginia's last seven points. Williams is fouled on a drive to the basket and makes one of two free throws. Vander Plas turns the ball over on a baseline drive as he steps out of bounds. Gardner and Vander Plas double Dickinson in the post, but a foul is called and Dickinson makes both free throws to make it a two-point game. Michigan goes right back to Dickinson and he taps in his own miss to tie the game. That ended a Michigan drought of more than six minutes without a field goal.

Virginia 65, Michigan 65 | 3:12 2H

The refs review a play in which Caffaro was called for a foul for getting tangled up with Dickinson. The refs determine that Dickinson engaged in a hook and hold, which is a technical foul. Kihei Clark makes both technical free throws. Caffaro is whistled for his fourth foul and checks out of the game. Dickinson draws another foul as Clark rotated over to poke the ball out of his hands and Virginia is up to six fouls in the second half. Jett Howard elevates for a jump shot on the baseline and sinks it. Clark uses a great move to avoid a block from Dickinson, going up-and-under for a reverse layup. Vander Plas backs down Joey Baker and scores off the glass. Clark draws another Michigan foul on a baseline drive and goes to the free throw line as Virginia is now in the bonus. Clark makes both free throws and UVA has tied the game. Michigan is on a 3+ minute scoring drought and Virginia has taken advantage with a 6-0 run to tie the game.

Virginia 58, Michigan 58 | 7:46 2H

Beekman appears to have turned his ankle while contesting that last play and is getting his ankle wrapped on the bench. Isaac McKneely checks in to replace Beekman. Gardner gets great position inside and scores off the glass. UVA nearly turns it over as Franklin tried to feed a low pass to Shedrick, but Shedrick is able to gather it and draws a foul on Dickinson, his second personal. Shedrick misses both free throws. Williams cuts off-ball and gets the pass from Dickinson for a layup over McKneely. Reece Beekman checks back into the game - a great sign for UVA, but we'll have to see how much Beekman tests that ankle. Hunter Dickinson gets the ball inside and draws a foul on Shedrick, who is replaced by Francisco Caffaro. Dickinson makes both free throws to push the lead back to six points.

Virginia 50, Michigan 56 | 11:50 2H

Jett Howard uses a tough Euro-step move to create space and hits a push-shot late in the shot clock. To make matters worse for the Cavaliers, Reece Beekman is injured on the play and limps to the bench.

Virginia 48, Michigan 52 2H

Beekman feeds Clark for a catch-and-shoot three and Clark drains it despite a good contest from Michigan. Terrance Williams II shoots an open corner three and it nearly rims out but spins back into the net. Armaan Franklin cuts backdoor and Gardner finds him for a layup, Franklin's first points of the game. Jett Howard misses a three and then Beekman slashes inside, before dropping a pass off to Shedrick, who finishes the layup plus a foul on Dickinson. Shedrick completes the three-point play. Gardner backs down Williams and hits a fadeaway jumper in the paint to cap a 7-0 run for Virginia. Bufkin drives baseline on Franklin and finishes the tough layup to stop the UVA run. Beekman has the answer on the other end as he gets a tough fadeaway layup to go from a sharp angle. Beekman gets inside on a baseline cut and then drops a bounce pass off to Shedrick, who hits a wild hook shot over Dickinson while falling away from the basket. Juwan Howard calls timeout as Virginia has come out of the gates strong to cut the deficit from 11 points down to 2.

Virginia 48, Michigan 50 | 15:33 1H

Ben Vander Plas is fouled on a drive and makes 1/2 free throws. Terrance Williams II backs down Vander Plas and gets a friendly roll on his fadeaway jumper. Beekman goes around a screen and gets Howard on his back, working his way inside for a layup. Michigan again hits from downtown as Jett Howard splashes a triple from the right wing. Howard is 3/4 from beyond the arc. Gardner gets the ball at the free throw line and hits a floater off the front iron. Michigan gets a second chance off of a long rebound and Llewellyn hits an open three. Michigan came into the game shooting under 32% from three - the Wolverines have hit seven of their 13 three-point attempts in the first half. Kihei Clark is fouled and makes 1/2 free throws. Hunter Dickinson again backs Vander Plas down easily for a layup. Interesting that UVA has opted to go with Vander Plas at the five instead of Shedrick. Tony Bennett calls timeout as Michigan opens up a 9-point lead. Beekman turned the ball over as Bufkin takes it away and scores a layup in transition to end the first half. Michigan leads by 11 at halftime.

Halftime. Virginia 34, Michigan 45

Kadin Shedrick is whistled for a tick-tack foul while going for an offensive rebound. Virginia has been called for five fouls as compared to zero for Michigan more than 12 minutes into the game. Hunter Dickinson checks back into the game and immediately scores inside. Clark drives baseline and whips a pass to the corner to Beekman, who splashes the catch-and-shoot three. Duke transfer Joey Baker responds with a corner three of his own off the feed from Jett Howard. Michigan is called for two fouls, the second of which leads to a pair of free throws for Beekman. Jaelin Llewellyn pulls up for three-pointer on the right wing over Clark. Ben Vander Plas uses a pump fake to slash inside before dishing to Gardner for an easy layup. Vander Plas is guarding the 7'1 Dickinson, a questionable matchup at best for the Cavaliers, and Dickinson is able to get an easy putback over Vander Plas after grabbing his own miss. Reece Beekman attacks the basket quickly and scores with a reverse layup. Beekman has 13 points early on to lead Virginia.

Virginia 28, Michigan 33 | 3:37 1H

Kobe Bufkin slashes to the basket and finishes over three UVA defenders at the rim. Tarris Reed Jr. grabs an offensive rebound and lays in the putback and Michigan is on an 11-2 run. Jett Howard shakes Reece Beekman and hits the stepback jumper. UVA has gone nearly four minutes without scoring. Beekman drives past Joey Baker and skies to the rim for a two-hand jam, ending the scoring drought with an emphatic dunk. Shedrick gets loose down low off of a screen and Gardner feeds him the pass for another Virginia dunk. UVA is struggling from the perimeter, but feasting inside with 16 points in the paint.

Virginia 19, Michigan 23 | 8:04 2H

Francisco Caffaro checks into the game and now takes on the assignment of guarding Dickinson, who immediately gets the ball and elevates over Caffaro for a baseline jumper. Jett Howard rises for a three-pointer right over Beekman and knocks it down. The Wolverines have hit each of their last five shots to take the lead. Reece Beekman stops the bleeding with a baseline drive and a nice reverse layup finish. Dickinson hits another mid-range jump shot over Caffaro. Dickinson has eight early points to lead all scorers.

Virginia 15, Michigan 17 | 11:05 1H

Michigan comes up empty-handed on its first possession, but Jayden Gardner is whistled for an offensive foul on UVA's first offensive trip. Reece Beekman and Kadin Shedrick run the pick and roll to perfection and Beekman feeds a bounce pass to Shedrick, who finishes the layup through some contact from Hunter Dickinson. Kadin Shedrick is left wide open at the top of the three-point line and Shedrick pulls the trigger and drains the rare triple. Dickinson hits a short jumper over Shedrick to get the Wolverines on the board. Kihei Clark has the answer on the other end, hitting a tough layup while following away from the basket. UVA gets another stop and Reece Beekman finds his way to the basket for a layup. Hunter Dickinson goes right at Shedrick and is able to spin past him for a right-handed layup. Beekman has his layup blocked and Michigan takes it quickly in transition leading to an open corner three for Jett Howard. Jayden Gardner gets on the board, hitting a jump hook inside the paint. Dickinson passes out of a double team and Kobe Bufkin knocks down the open three from the left wing. Kihei Clark draws Dickinson and is able to get past the center with a sweet hesitation move for a layup. Virginia gets off to a hot start on the offensive end, making six of its first eight shots, but Michigan responds well to the early pressure with a couple of three-pointers.

Virginia 13, Michigan 10 | 13:53 1H

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