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SPOKANE, Wash. — The people living at Camp Hope are bracing for Wednesday’s incoming winter storm. It’ll be a rough couple of days ahead for people who call tents and campers home.

Anthony Jolls is originally from the Midwest, and he’s making adjustments as the storm is expected to hit the Inland Northwest.

“There is no preparing for it. I don’t have anything to prepare for it. I’m in a camper but I might move back into my pickup truck. It’s a smaller area to heat,” he said.

Jolls says his camper is a waste of heat because it isn’t insulated. He has received a buddy heater from Jewels Helping Hands which oversees the camp, but that only goes so far.

“If we get a lot of snow, none of these places are really insulated. So, I’m not really sure how to prepare for it. I had a lot of stuff for the most of winter, but other people decided that they wanted it more than I did,” he said.

Camp leaders say there’s only so much they can do to help, but Jewels Helping Hands says it’s making sure people have the necessities they need to stay warm.

“We have 100 buddy heaters that we’re going to go tent to tent to hand out to the most vulnerable folks. We’re also going tent to tent to find out people’s blanket needs, and sleeping bags and things that we can help get them through the night,” said Julie Garcia, founder of Jewels Helping Hands.

People can also keep warm across the street in a tent also used to provide services until 5 p.m. each day. Camp leaders have also added two warming tents inside the camp, which are open 24/7.

“We realize that in the next ten days there isn’t one day that is above freezing for these folks,” Garcia said.

As of Tuesday night, according to the city’s website the Trent Resource and Assistance Center had 13 beds available. The city says even if the center reaches capacity, the Salvation Army has a practice of finding additional space for people.

The city issued us this statement:

“The region has a network of shelters in different areas. The Trent Resource and Assistance Center came online this fall to add capacity to the system and flex capability in times of severe weather and air quality issues. People who need a place to stay will not be turned away. The City and its partners continue to encourage individuals to seek indoor spaces to get out of the weather.”

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What The Hell Is Wrong With You People?

Who says there’s no preparing for it? Every soul on earth who lives in a home or apartment with heat has prepared for it. It’s called working and taking care of yourself. If you aren’t prepared for it, then you haven’t been preparing.


Theres always going to a shelter..They choose to be out there.. we need to stop giving so so much attention to this stain of spokane.. it super sad that people dont want to live their best life.. and even sadder that their local government leaders and the businesses( not non profits) getting millions in funding are perpetuating the problem.. GROSS

Terra Oglesbee Poisson

We all have advanced notice of Winter a matter of fact, we have notice every season. I have sympathy for anyone suffering but I wont be losing any sleep over someone who claims they couldnt prepare or have notice, give me a break. They have EVERY reason to do better for themselves, do it! Everyone wants them to thrive and be happy like the rest of us...we really are hoping for that, for everyone on this Earth.


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