‘The Fabulous’ K-Drama Will Premiere Before Christmas on Netflix

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K-drama fans have been waiting for an update on the anticipated drama The Fabulous for Netflix. The K-drama was initially scheduled to release in November. In light of the Itaewon tragedy that took place on Halloween weekend, The Fabulous decided to postpone its release. Now Netflix has announced a new release date in time for the Christmas season.
Minho and Chae Soo-bin star in ‘The Fabulous’ K-drama for December | via Netflix

‘The Fabulous’ will air on December 23 – two days before Christmas

Fans now have another K-drama to look forward to in December . Not only will fans get Money Heist: Korea Part 2 , Singles Inferno Season 2 , and Alchemy of Souls Season 2 , but The Fabulous will make its grand debut. According to Netflix Korea, the K-drama will air on Dec. 23, a few days short of Christmas. The tweet reads, “In the fierce fashion world, young people who struggle and shine hotly. A story unfolds that will thrill you this winter.”

The K-drama initially postponed its press conference and premiere due to the Itaewon tragedy that resulted in the tragic deaths of over 150 people. The Fabulous joined a long list of television programs, award shows, and events that changed their airing schedule following the national mourning period.

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But representatives of The Fabulous soon explained the Netflix K-drama would be postponed until further notice . Their reasoning explained the storyline opens with the main characters celebrating Halloween. The scene is integral to starting the K-drama’s storyline and introducing the characters. Editing the scene would be difficult as it would shift the entire plot and take some time to make the K-drama appropriate to air.

The Netflix K-drama’ The Fabulous’ follows a group of friends in the cutthroat world of fashion

Fans have high hopes for the drama thanks to its impressive leading cast and premise. The story focuses on four friends in the fashion industry. Within the drama’s eight episodes, fans will see the character rely on friendship, dealing with the woes of romance and the pitfalls and rises of their stressful careers.

Shinee’s Minho will play the leading male role as Ji Woo-min. He is a talented and well-known photo editor. He has it all from prestige, good looks, and intelligent. But he has lost his spark for his career. Woo-min also lacks enthusiasm for romance and love. Meanwhile, he is friends with Pyo Ji-eun, played by Chae Soo-bin. Ji-eun has achieved her childhood dream of working in fashion as the section chief of a luxury brand promotion agency.

But the glamour of her job still comes with the turmoil of trying to prove herself, succeed, and people who wish to take her down. Ji-eun and Woo-min are joined by their two friends, an eccentric fashion designer, and a top fashion model. But Netflix’s The Fabulous K-drama promises a steamy romance as Ji-eun and Woo-min reignite their fiery passion from a past relationship.

The Fabulous will be available to stream on Netflix .

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