Safety report shows Uber crime incidents are rare despite string of robberies in Baltimore

CBS Baltimore
CBS Baltimore

Ride-share crimes in Baltimore have sparked new concerns 02:34

BALTIMORE -- Police in Baltimore County and Baltimore City continue to investigate a string of robberies involving Uber drivers.

WJZ did some digging and took a look at a safety report put out by Uber that shows safety incidents are rare for those using the service.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, there were three incidents of people being robbed—and even abducted by Uber drivers. Two were in Baltimore City, and a third was in Baltimore County.

Investigators said in each incident the riders used Uber to call a driver, and when the driver showed up, they ended up getting robbed.

Police told WJZ they're investigating the incidents and have not released whether they are related.
The impact of Uber-related robberies 00:23

"It's just very disheartening," a Uber driver told WJZ.

After hearing about these incidents, the Uber driver, who didn't want to be identified, said he is worried about the influx in crimes involving the ride-share company.

"If that happens, then people like me that are working for a company or whatever, people are going to be less likely to take rides," the driver said.

WJZ went online and took a look at Uber's safety report.

The most recent one is from 2019 and 2020.

The report said 99.9 percent of all trips taken in those years across the US ended without any sort of safety incident.

Uber sent WJZ a statement Monday saying the incidents occurring in Baltimore are deeply concerning, that they're working with our local police and that safety is paramount.

They also gave WJZ a list of ways riders can protect themselves if they feel unsafe during a ride, which includes an emergency button in the app.

The Uber driver said they have to pass a background check to work for the service, but believes that may not be enough.

"I mean, pretty much, anyone with a pulse and a car and a valid driver's license is working for Uber," the driver said.

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