Katherine Heigl Explains Why She "Never Saw" Her Daughter Naleigh Right After Adopting Her


Katherine Heigl is looking back on her early days with her daughter Naleigh — and the fears she had as a new mom.
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Back in 2009, Katherine and her husband, Josh Kelley, adopted Naleigh as an infant from South Korea.
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In the months that followed, Katherine says she had to go back to work on the set of Grey's Anatomy , and she worried it would impact her bond with her daughter.
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"Naleigh came to us at 9 months, and three days later I got on a plane and went to work in Atlanta," Katherine shared on The View .

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She continued, "At the time, becoming a new mother, I was just like, 'I got it! I can handle this.' They've told us we can have it all. We can have careers and have families, and it's all going to be great."
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Unfortunately, Katherine was left feeling as if she "never saw" her little girl.

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"I never saw that baby. I was at work with three triplets who were playing my goddaughter, and I spent more time with them than I did with my new daughter," Katherine admitted.
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She continued, "She bonded with my husband, of course. He was with her. So, I was always afraid that I had missed that opportunity to really bond with her and that she didn’t love me."

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Coincidentally, it was another appearance on The View nearly a decade ago that help ease some of her parenting fears.
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During the 2012 interview, when Naleigh was just a toddler, the little girl ran onstage to be with her mom — which helped Katherine see that they did share a bond.
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Watching the clip back during her recent appearance, she teared up, acknowledging just how meaningful it was.
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You can hear all that Katherine had to say below.

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