Squirrel knocks out power to one-third of Tennessee company's customers

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UPI News

Nov. 29 (UPI) -- Utility officials in a Tennessee town said nearly one-third of customers lost power when a squirrel came into contact with substation equipment.

Dickson Electric System in Dickson said in a Twitter post that many customers lost power for a brief time Tuesday when "a cute little squirrel" entered a substation and "created a whole lot of chaos."

The company said the power was only out for a short time.

"We don't always lose power to nearly a third of our customers all at the same time, but when we do, it's usually related to an uninvited guest inside our substation," the company tweeted.

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Bill Daniels

Send a man to the moon but can’t figure out how keep squirrels from tearing up transducers? Looks like instead of paying so much overtime , they pay engineer to fix problem that’s if they really wanted it fixed

Barbara Groce Prichard

one of those little squirrels went up our pole and apparently got zapped..I heard a sound and later found the dead critter at the bottom of the pole. I believe our power just blinked..

Barbara Groce Prichard

I see squirrels walking across the lines in front of our home to keep from getting caught by our six feral cats..


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