30 Behind-The-Scenes Pics Of The Cast Of "Wednesday" That Prove They're More Wholesome Than Spooky


I think it's safe to say that the entire internet is completely obsessed with the new number one show on Netflix, Wednesday .


Following the titular goth teen as she makes her way to Nevermore, the school for outcasts, Wednesday finds herself facing off against a mysterious deadly threat, the concerns of her parents/teachers, and, even scarier, fellow peers who want to befriend her.


The cast is absolutely stacked with the likes of Jenna Ortega , who plays Wednesday, Gwendoline Christie , who plays her headmaster, and Christina Ricci , who plays her overly sweet dorm mom. With a cast this big and full of personality, shooting this show must've been a barrel of fun!

And, thankfully, we were able to get a sneak peek into that barrel as the cast has been posting a ton of pics on Instagram since the show's debut. Check out some of their best moments below:

1. Wednesday and Enid sharing a sweet moment on the dance floor:
@jennaortega / Via

2. A couple of sleeping jokesters:
@percy / Via

3. A rare moment of Weems and Wednesday getting along:

@gwendolineuniverse / Via Instagram: @gwendolineuniverse

4. Two generations of Wednesdays with their fearless leader:

@timburton / Via Instagram: @timburton

5. Two besties staying warm with their snoods:
@ememyers / Via

6. The Nevermore jazz band:

@georgieebleu / Via Instagram: @georgieebleu

7. A few outcasts and normies posing before the Raven:

@hunterdoohan / Via Instagram: @hunterdoohan

8. A siren found swimming in something other than water:

@joysunday / Via Instagram: @joysunday

9. The gang having a ball at a funeral:
@jdiaswatson / Via

10. Yoko and friend just TikToking the day away:

@naomijogawa / Via Instagram: @naomijogawa_

11. The Nevermore cafeteria staff:
@oliverdwatson / Via

12. The Pilgrim trio looking to stir up some mischief:

@imanmarson / Via Instagram: @imanmarson

13. Wedneday and Eugene posing for their Christmas card:

@moosa_mostafa / Via Instagram: @moosa_mostafa_

14. The faceless students absolutely slayinggggg:

@taramcdonaldmakeup / Via Instagram: @taramcdonaldmakeup

15. Wednesday smiling because blood was involved:

@nirvanajmakeup / Via Instagram: @nirvanajmakeup

16. Enid and Wednesday on the case:
@ememyers / Via

17. A delicious on-set breakfast:
@hunterdoohan / Via

18. Wednesday's favorite uncle and one of her many nemeses:

@rikilindhome / Via Instagram: @rikilindhome

19. A girl and her hand, straight chillin':

@ victor.dorobantu / Via Instagram: @victor.dorobantu

20. The meeting of the outcast and normie leaders:

@tommie_earl_jenkinsofficial / Via Instagram: @tommie_earl_jenkinsofficial

21. Rowan getting ready for his closeup:

@calum___ross / Via Instagram: @calum___ross

22. The students of Nevermore rockin' out and eating a ton of gravel:

@oliverdwatson / Via Instagram: @oliverdwatson

23. Wednesday and Tyler bonding:

@jennaortega / Via Instagram: @jennaortega

24. A suuuuper close Nevermore student selfie:

@percy / Via Instagram: @percy

25. Morticia Addams absolutely stunning and slaying:

@catherinezetajones / Via Instagram: @catherinezetajones

26. The haunted Nevermore quad:
@georgieebleu / Via

27. The outcasts and normies passing the time:
@jdiaswatson / Via

28. The iconic Wednesday/Enid window:
@prettylogi / Via

29. Yoko and Enid enjoying life on campus:
@ememyers / Via

30. And finally, Weems embracing Wednesday at last:
@jennaortega / Via

Where do I sign up to join this incredible cast for Season 2?!

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