People Are Sharing Their Weird Bedside Tables After Elon Musk Shared A Bizarre Picture Of His Own


Elon Musk is back at it again!
Paulaconnelly / Getty Images/iStockphoto

This time, he shared a picture of his *interesting* bedside table:

My bedside table

@elonmusk 09:48 AM - 28 Nov 2022

Which, like, what?
Paulaconnelly / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Let me break it down for you...

There's a wooden box with a painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware River. There's also a replica musket.
Twitter: @elonmusk

Then there's another fake gun, which is apparently a toy .
Twitter: @elonmusk

Then we have four cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke.

Twitter: @elonmusk

That's a bottle of water in the forefront, and in the back is a group of books which Insider says includes George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation .
Twitter: @elonmusk

This is a Buddhist ritual object that the New York Post says is called a "Vajra Dorje."

Twitter: @elonmusk

And lastly, those are ring stains. Lots and lots of ring stains.
Twitter: @elonmusk

Even he knew it was messed up.

There is no excuse for my lack of coasters

@elonmusk 09:59 AM - 28 Nov 2022

The reaction was immediate.

Boy got four diet cokes and a foam gun 💀

@JonResurrected 03:00 PM - 29 Nov 2022

People started sharing their own bedside tables.

My bedside table

@bigoatmilkies 02:53 PM - 29 Nov 2022

And let me tell you, I'm intrigued!

My bedside table

@wrnk_art 03:18 PM - 29 Nov 2022

There were guns and Bibles.

@elonmusk This is my bedside table.

@b_bongoosie 05:49 AM - 29 Nov 2022

There were bananas and Drew Barrymore magazines.

@elonmusk #AlphaMy bedside table . ✨💖✨☕️😌🍌✨💖✨

@CurtINFJT 05:52 AM - 29 Nov 2022

A large melon.

my bedside table

@EvanPerc_ 02:19 AM - 29 Nov 2022

And slightly terrifying knives.

my bedside table

@porterkainu 04:59 AM - 29 Nov 2022

You can tell a lot about a person from what's on their bedside table.

@elonmusk My bedside table. Sorry it’s not threatening anyone. Well, maybe the books being present could trigger some people…

@sglockenspeil 10:59 AM - 29 Nov 2022

Some are pretty tame...

my bedside table

@faithaselby 10:49 AM - 29 Nov 2022

...while others are a bit more busy.

My bedside table:

@ZatannaZorElle 09:13 AM - 29 Nov 2022

There were minimalists.

@elonmusk My bedside table....... ?????

@BabsJones12 06:45 AM - 29 Nov 2022

While others were a bit more extra.

My bedside table- this is gonna trigger people.

@DarnSocial 05:51 AM - 29 Nov 2022

"Are we doing 'my beside table looks better than the uber billionaire?'" this person asked.

@elonmusk Are we doing “my bedside table looks better than the über billionaire”? I’m doing it, ok? By the way, that’s my night tea mug. I haven’t cleaned it yet, but I actually have to do it myself, so I’m going to do it now. Otherwise it’s clean.

@Alice73116809 09:08 AM - 29 Nov 2022

Lots of people have piles of books.

Umm, my bedside table....

@davidnaylor 08:35 AM - 29 Nov 2022

A can of pineapple juice and a large hammer.

My bedside table

@DLSingleRider 05:43 AM - 29 Nov 2022

More guns.

@elonmusk My bedside table.

@DanielH13827069 05:03 AM - 29 Nov 2022

A Midnights vinyl, some whiskey, and another large firearm.

my bedside table

@benadryl2001 04:34 AM - 29 Nov 2022

Just some lotion.

My bedside table

@thepee83 04:09 AM - 29 Nov 2022

A bunch of Capri Suns.

My bedside table

@minimvl13 02:00 AM - 29 Nov 2022

A package of Oreos.

My bedside table.

@chrsjcksn 09:37 PM - 28 Nov 2022

And a very, very sick person.

My bedside table

@mrs_efron_6 08:57 PM - 28 Nov 2022

So, yeah, I still want to know more about the caffeine-free Diet Coke...
Twitter: @elonmusk

...because honestly, what's the point in that?!


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