Ohio and West Virginia state quarters could be worth $55

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. ( WTNH ) — Your state quarter could be worth a pretty penny — or more than even 25 pretty pennies.


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Odds are, however, that the quarter in your collection is only worth a quarter. But if it’s in mint condition, you’ll get at least $1 — or even up to $55 — for it.

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The U.S. Mint State Quarters were created from 1999 to 2008, with coins for five states released each year. Those coins have one of three markings — “D,” “P” or “S” — which signifies where they were minted. D stands for Denver Mint, P stands for Philadelphia Mint and an S is for those created at the San Francisco Mint. Coins marked with an S, and coins marked with an S that are silver-proof, are more likely to fetch more than D or P coins.

Silver-proof coins, which are made of 90% silver, change in value depending on the current price of silver, according to Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve.

State quarters in mint condition marked with a D or a P are worth only $1 in 10 states, and are worth an average of $1.71 each, according to Coin Trackers. You’ll get the most, around $3.50, for Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania state quarters.

On average, you’ll receive $7.03 for an S mint quarter. The lowest-value S quarters are worth $4, but you’ll likely get the most for Ohio, at $15.

S coins that are silver proof are worth the most, at an average of $14.57 a quarter, according to data from Coin Trackers. But while you’ll only get $8.50 for a Delaware coin, your Pennsylvania quarter could fetch $55. You can get $50 for a Connecticut or New Jersey quarter. If you have a full set of silver-proof coins, the collection could be worth $1,500, according to Metro Metal Detectors.

But how can you tell if your state quarters are silver-proof? There are a few subtle factors that may give it away, according to coin-collecting experts.

“These coins can be differentiated by the silver edge of the coin, the slightly greater weight of 6.25 grams, or by the official US Mint packaging,” according to My Coins Guide, noting that the latter may have indicated the quarters’ makeup when shipped as part of a set.

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There are multiple other factors that can increase a state quarter’s value, including for those that are in circulation.

For example, some 1999 Delaware state quarters have a defect from a die break. On those quarters, there is a line from the horse’s mouth to the left. While these used to be worth up to $500, the price has now dropped to about $10 to $20 a quarter after it was discovered how common the error was.

But no matter the current price, it’s wise to hold onto your coins. You never know what it might be worth one day.

Use the database below to check the worth of your state quarter. The listed amounts are for quarters in mint condition, according to Coin Trackers:

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when our worthless government goes to digital currency all your coins and bills are going to be worthless just like that s__t for brains president you all voted for thanks alot

Mark Wham

I recently found a 1964 silver Quarter while cashing in change. Very rare to find one still in circulation probably the first one I found in at least 10 years.


well i by chance you have one of these valuable coins where do you go to cash them in for this $55.00?


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