Hailey Bieber says she has a large ovarian cyst

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Nov. 29 (UPI) -- Hailey Bieber announced that she has an ovarian cyst via an Instagram story .
Hailey Bieber, shown here at the WSJ. Magazine Innovator Awards in New York City on November 2, 2022, announced that she has an ovarian cyst. Photo by Gabriele Holtermann/UPI

"I have a cyst on my ovary the size of an apple, I don't have endometriosis or PCOS [Polycystic ovary syndrome] but I have gotten an ovarian cyst a few times and it's never fun," Bieber wrote on Monday. "it's painful and achey and makes me feel bloated and crampy and emotional. Anyways... I'm sure a lot of you can overly relate and understand. We got this."
Hailey Bieber posted about her ovarian cyst in an Instagram story on Monday. Photo from Hailey Bieber/Instagram

The model and Rhode skincare founder discovered the cyst while traveling in Japan to celebrate her birthday with husband Justin Bieber .

Earlier this year Bieber underwent a heart procedure after she suffered a transient ischemic attack (ITA), a mini stroke that causes a temporary blockage but does not typically cause permanent damage.

In Bieber's case, the attack was caused by a congenital heart defect known as a patent foramen ovale (PFO).

"I had a small blood clot traveled through a hole in my heart that I was born with that never closed, and went to my brain," she said during an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan .

Justin Bieber has also been facing health issues, announcing in June that he is struggling with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome, which is caused by shingles putting pressure on one of nerves near the ears.

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OMG...r u that desperate for attention that you need to tell the world about your cyst? Like many women have, take care of it and find some purpose in life.

David Garland

So what, my first wife had two, one over each ovary, had them both removed then she could get pregnant and birthed a girl then a boy both of who are now in their forties


I had a fibroid on my ovary and had a hysterectomy last year .. like someone just said on here. take care of it and your self .. Wish you well!!


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