Attention Fans Of "Interstellar" And "Westworld," Shea Ernshaw's New Book "A Wilderness Of Stars" Will Be Right Up Your Alley

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Author's Note is a short segment where we interview authors in hopes of introducing you to your new favorite book!

This week, we had the pleasure of asking Shea Ernshaw, the New York Times bestselling author of The Wicked Deep and Winterwood , a few questions about her latest novel, A Wilderness of Stars , which is available November 29.
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1. Can you describe A Wilderness of Stars in a tweet?

Vega is the last in a long line of astronomers who can read the stars. But when locals in a nearby town spot the tattoo on her neck in the shape of a constellation, she will be hunted across an unforgiving landscape. By the end, she will be forced to choose: Save everyone else. Or, follow the fate her ancestors have decided for her.

2. What are 5 emojis that describe your book?

🔭 🌲 🌚 🪐 👀

3. Wildest thing you Googled for this story?

All known theories about black holes.

4. What are 5 songs that encapsulate the vibes of your book?

"Ends of the Earth" by Lord Huron

"Space" by Siv Jakobsen

"The Night We Met" by Lord Huron

"Gravity" by Ben Lukas Boysen

"Keep the Wolves Away" by Uncle Lucius

5. Share something interesting that happened behind-the-scenes while writing A Wilderness of Stars .

I wrote the first draft of this book in about a month — the fastest I’ve ever written anything.

6. Two comparison titles (If you like X and X, you’ll like my book!):

If you liked the movie Interstellar and the TV series Westworld , then you’ll like A Wilderness of Stars .


7. Share the moment you came up with this book idea.

My husband and I had spent the weekend watching old western movies, and I always thought I’d like to write a book set in the wild west, but with a serious twist, where nothing is what it seems. The entire plot for this book was like a spark in my mind, and I sat down and wrote the outline that afternoon. I began drafting it on Monday morning and couldn’t get the story down fast enough.

8. First thing you did once you finished this book?

Started writing my next book. I don’t often take breaks between stories.

9. If your main character could be friends with a character from any other book in the world, who would it be?

Katniss Everdeen. Vega in A Wilderness of Stars could use an ally who is clever and strong and fearless. Katniss would be the perfect friend.

Learn more about Shea by visiting her website , and get A Wilderness of Stars from Bookshop or from your local indie bookstore via Indiebound .

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