Trump news – live: Mitt Romney slams Trump’s ‘disgusting’ dinner with white supremacist Nick Fuentes

The Independent
The Independent

Criticism continues to pour in after the former president hosted a meeting at Mar-a-Lago with Kanye West, who has gone on an antisemitic rampage of late, and his associate Nick Fuentes , one of the US’s most notorious white supremacist activists – and it seems top Jewish Republicans are turning against the former president.

One leader of a right-wing pro-Israel lobby group told The New York Times that “Donald Trump is not an antisemite. He loves Israel. He loves Jews. But he mainstreams, he legitimizes Jew hatred and Jew haters. And this scares me.”

Meanwhile, a federal judge has dismissed Donald Trump’s claim that he has “presidential immunity” from a lawsuit about his actions around the 2020 election – in the latest blow to the former president as the fallout over a meeting with Kanye West and a white supremacist continues.

Civil rights groups including the NAACP are suing Mr Trump and the Republican National Committee for trying to disenfranchise voters, intimidate election officials and undermine lawfully cast votes in violation of both the federal Voting Rights Act and the Ku Klux Klan Act.

While Mr Trump’s lawyers claimed that he has “absolute immunity”, DC District Judge Emmet Sullivan disagreed.

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Trump continues to confess to crime after crime. Trump has admitted to manipulating 2018 election, has admitted to stealing documents, demonstrated his alliance with white supremists. And the list goes on. Clearly not a business man


Kanye looks like he’s having a rough time. Must be hard to realize you don’t have the power and clout in the average everyday world than the hip hop musical world.


Hell, not just Jewish Americans... Hopefully women as well... This guy thinks women shouldn't have the right to vote, shouldn't have the right to work, shouldn't have the ability to do anything they want. In his view women are maids with bennifits for "the man of the house". He thinks girls should get married young... I me real young, like 12/13 years old young... And have as many kids as possible. The fact that this man has followers is really what the scariest part is. He wants us to literally be Handmaids Tales!! We have to stop this now before it's too late!


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