Built on dark sci-fi and atmospheric blasts, Lobstrosity adds claw rock to Savannah music

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Savannah Morning News

To provide the space necessary to experience new sounds and music, we are introducing to you Lobstrosity.

The lineup has Jake Plissken (guitar and vocals) and Jonross "Jay-Ah" Maddox (drums) as the only constant members, but eventually solidified into its ultimate form with the recruitment of Carter Bridges (guitar) and Miguel Hallare.

What are your musical influences?

Lobstrosity: "Everybody in the band brings in a wide range of influences, which helps keep things fresh. Bands like Mastodon, Slayer, The Mars Volta and even YouTube core vaporwave artists are always in high rotation. But you'll also catch us listening to jazz, post-rock, meat-head hardcore and 70s prog rock on any given day.

"We are also fueled by a love of dark sci-fi and fantasy settings and stories. They're just the perfect lens through which to explore and communicate the deeply personal s**t that everybody experiences in their lives."

Describe your sound?

Plissken: “At Lobstrosity's core beats a heart of blackened thrash metal. There's aggressive dual guitar riffs, break neck solos, and atmospheric blasts straight out of Norway’s icy tundra."

Are there any local bands you wish to share the stage with?

Plissken: "We're crazy proud of how strong Savannah's music scene is surging back to life after the plague shut everything down for two years. There's a whole slew of new and upcoming bands here we'd love to play shows with. The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir are personal favorites of ours, who we'll finally be getting to play with at the upcoming Two Tides Metal Fest as well as working on an upcoming split EP.

"But we would also do unspeakable things to share the stage with old-guard local legends like Baroness, Kylesa, and Circle Takes the Square."

Are there any “dream” venues that the band wishes to play?

Plissken: "There are two places we are dying to play at. The first being The Original Crab Shack out on Tybee Island. But what we're *really* juiced for is the Jinx's relocation and resurrection.”

You can keep track of the bands progress and upcoming shows on Instagram @lobstrosity.sav and our bandcamp at

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