Notorious waterfall claims another victim after tourist swinging off a rope vanishes underwater after coming up for a single breath

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Daily Mail

A popular waterfall in Queensland has been the site of another fatal tragedy after an international student drowned.

Abin Philip, 24, was spending his final days in Australia travelling the state's picturesque Sunshine Coast when he visited Gardners Falls on Monday with friends.

The international student, who had just finished his studies and was about to book a flight ticket home to India, grabbed the rope swing and used it to propel himself into the watering hole.

His horrified friends told emergency services they saw Mr Philip come up for a single breath just before 3.30pm before he disappeared under the water.
Abin Philip disappeared under the water after using the rope swing (pictured) to jump in

Inspector John Van Egmond from the Sunshine Coast District Police said Mr Philip's friends attempted to find him before emergency services arrived.

'It was quite distressing for his friends and other members of the public who were present,' he told ABC News.

The man's friends and other witnesses frantically searched the water until the police dive squad arrived.

The dive squad searched the area and subsequently found his body around 5pm.

His death is being treated as non-suspicious.

Mr Philip was an Indian national living in Australia as a student, Inspector Van Egmond said.

'[He] had just finished his studies and was going to purchase a ticket home to India,' he said.
Mr Philip (pictured) was an active member in the Sunshine Coast Kerala Association, with a love for soccer and photography 

Sunshine Coast Kerala Association Inc president Sebastian Sajish told the Courier Mail the tight-knit southern Indian community in the region was devastated by the loss of such a 'gentle soul'.

Mr Sajish said he had been in contact with Mr Philip's parents, who were in complete shock at his sudden death.

'It's very difficult for them right now, they are inconsolable,' he said.
Sunshine Coast Kerala Association hopes to organise a memorial for Philip following his death

The Indian consulate has been notified and police will prepare a report for the Coroner.

Mr Philip's death at Gardners Falls is the third in three years.

A 40-year-old Nepalese man died at the falls in Janurary 2021 after jumping off the rocks and failing to resurface.

A 15-year-old boy died at the same area in 2019 after his body was pulled from the water.
The waterhole has claimed three lives in recent years, with Philip, a 40-year-old man and 15-year-old boy tragically dying at the site

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