Three of Pima County's parks on the Loop vandalized

KGUN 9 Tucson News
KGUN 9 Tucson News

Whether you’re cycling on a bike or going for a jog, the Loop in Tucson can be a peaceful place to relax.

“It’s a great way to spend the afternoon getting exercise,” Tucson resident Mark Hillmer said.

However, Pima County’s Natural Resources Parks and Rec Department is currently looking into vandalism at 3 of their park bathrooms on the Loop.

The parks that were affected include Rillito Racetrack, Ted Walker Park, and Camino de la Tierra.

They said vandals destroyed and stole parts of the bathrooms like the copper pipes, sloan valves and a sink.

As for security at the parks, they said they have cameras in some areas of their parks but they don’t usually aim them at bathrooms for privacy reasons.

The said the vandalism will cost about 5 thousand dollars and parts will take up to a month to come in. They said they will be welding the parts back in place.

Rillito Racetrack currently has port a potties and the other two parks’ bathrooms are closed.

Phil Sanik frequents the Loop and brings his dog. He said it’s also a great place to meet new people.

He said due to the vandalism at the parks, his family doesn’t feel as safe on the Loop.

“Especially my wife. There’s sections that she will not go on alone that in previous years she wouldn’t hesitate but now unless we’re together she won’t even go,” Sanik said.

However, others like Mark Hillmer said the vandalism isn’t affecting their experience or how often they will frequent the Loop.

“We actually even walk this thing at nighttime and we feel like it’s real safe and stuff and so, being as flat as it is, it’s about as safe as it gets,” Hillmer said.

Others like Jeanne Short feel safer using the Loop during the daytime and said she doesn’t feel any less safe during the day because of the vandalism.

“It’s not a lot during the day that’s going to scare us away from the Loop,” Short said.


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Joseph lumpkins

Sad but a lot of the restrooms on the loop are unusable due to the fact that the homeless have taken them over and the city to include the PD do nothing about it.


tell me why that the city annexed the river and the loop, but the county pays for maintenance of the loop?


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