Hunter Henry: 'I've moved on' from controversial overturned touchdown

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Hunter Henry had himself a strong game against the Vikings last Thursday, catching three passes for 63 yards and a touchdown. But the play everyone's talking about is the catch that was (likely wrongfully) taken away from him: his third-quarter touchdown catch that officials overturned because he briefly lost control of the ball as he hit the ground near the goal line.

The play has been dissected by everyone and from every angle, and it certainly seemed as if Henry managed to control the ball without it touching the ground.

But the tight end told WEEI's "Gresh and Keefe" show that he's ready to leave the play in the past.

"It is what it is, man," he said. "I've said my piece. I've moved on. I'm ready to play this Thursday. I've got my eyes locked on Buffalo. That's a really good team, and just ready to go out there and compete this Thursday."

As for what the officials told him about the play itself, Henry went into a bit more detail regarding the explanation though he still doesn't agree with it.

"They said I didn't 'survive the ground,' so that's the explanation I got. Just got to live with it, try to be better for it and control the ball all the way through. I feel like I did, personally, but it is what it is…just try to maybe hold onto that thing a little harder, a little tougher. Try to fight through the ground contract, just try to expect it a little bit more. It happens so fast, so it's hard to say that. But just trying to learn from it, and try to make that play and make sure it doesn't move in a way next time. It's tough to say that it'll be perfect next time -- it happens so fast -- just try to go execute my job at a better level so there's no question at all."

That's gallant of Henry for putting some of that on his shoulders, but the reality is he could hardly have done much better in the moment to try and make a play for his team.

He already adjusted to a pass from Mac Jones that was slightly off-target, made an athletic catch and then succeeded in keeping his hands under the football through contact from a defender as he hit the ground. It's not his fault officials decided for some reason to overturn what most believe to be a catch after viewing it from multiple angles.

The more important thing to take away now: Henry just had just best game of 2022 last Thursday, and the Patriots have to hope he has a repeat performance in him this Thursday night.

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