Jay Leno Clips a Police Car at First Comedy Gig Since Suffering Serious Burns
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Following the gasoline fire accident that had him hospitalized with second and third-degree burns for nearly two weeks, Jay Leno is back on stage for his comedy act.

TMZ reports that on Sunday (November 27th), Jay Leno appeared at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California with his wife, Mavis. While on stage, Leno was clearly ready to joke about the fire incident. “National Enquirer got the story all wrong, they said I was in the hospital because Nancy Pelosi hit me in the head with the hammer, that’s not what happened,” Leno joked. “We got two shows tonight, regular and extra crispy. I never thought of myself as a roast comic.”

While chatting with reporters, Jay Leno said he was ready to get back on stage. “I was in the hospital for a few days and now I’m back and working again. People do this every day.” He then spoke about his recovery. “What gives me the strength? I’m a comedian, there’s no strength, you just tell stupid jokes.”

Jimmy Brogan, who is a long-time friend of Jay Leno opened up for the well-known comedian. He stated during his set that Leno actually called him after being released from the hospital and asked him to join the show.

As previously reported, Jay Leno was working at his garage in California when a gasoline fire erupted. The comedian was transported to the Grossman Burn Center where he had multiple procedures done, including skin grafts. “He would like to let everyone know how thankful he is for the care he received,” Leno’s rep shared. “And is very appreciative of all of the well wishes. He is looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his family and friends and wishes everyone a wonderful holiday.”

Arsenio Hall Talks About Jay Leno’s Recovery Following Gasoline Fire

After his set at the Comedy Magic Club in California’s Hermosa Beach on Sunday, Arsenio opened up about Jay Leno’s recovery after the gasoline fire.

“Jay is an amazing guy,” Hall said about Leno to Entertainment Tonight. “No comic would leave the Grossman Burn Center, and do standup Sunday in Hermosa. I lost my big toe nail after someone stepped on my foot at the Super Bowl last year. I canceled three standup dates after that.”

Jay Leno also spoke to paparazzi last week about how he was doing while driving to the garage where the incident occurred. “Hanging in there,” he told onlookers. Leno was discharged from the Grossman Burn Center last Monday (November 21st). Dr. Peter Grossman said he expects Leno to recover. “As I’m getting to know Jay, I don’t think it’s going to be months. I think he’s the kind of guy who’s gonna move forward.”

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