After Jodie Sweetin Supported JoJo Siwa During 'Traditional Marriage' Controversy, Candace Cameron Bure Seemingly Unfollowed Her On Social Media


There’s nothing abnormal about the occasional spat between sisters, and I guess that’s true for TV families, too. It appears Candace Cameron Bure may have taken issue with Jodie Sweetin — who played her younger sister on Full House and Fuller House — showing support for JoJo Siwa and others who clapped back at the Great American Family actress for her comments about “traditional marriage.” While the two grew up together in front of viewers, and have remained close over the years, it appears that following all of the recent social media brouhaha, Bure has unfollowed her little sis.

Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin played Tanner sisters DJ and Stephanie (along with the Olsen twins’ Michelle) on the set of Full House , which ran from 1987 to 1995, and even went on to co-star in the Netflix spinoff Fuller House in 2016. The entire Full House family appears to have stayed in touch, as evidenced by how they rallied together this year following the sudden death of Bob Saget . But it seems the TV sisters have hit a rough patch, as US Weekly reports that Bure has unfollowed Sweetin on Instagram.

The whole issue began with a Wall Street Journal article, in which Candace Cameron Bure, who left Hallmark to join Great American Family , said she thought her new network would “keep traditional marriage at the core,” in regards to a question about LGBTQ+ couples being featured in the movies. The comment sparked backlash from many, including Dance Moms alum JoJo Siwa, who came out early in 2021 and had started a feud with the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries actress in July, when she called her the “rudest” celebrity she’d met .

Jodie Sweetin appeared to take JoJo Siwa’s side in the reignited squabble, and after the So You Think You Can Dance judge called Candace Cameron Bure’s comment “rude and hurtful,” Sweetin told Siwa in the comments:

You know I love you ❤️❤️

The Stephanie Tanner actress also showed support for fellow Hallmark actress Holly Robinson Peete , who posted an Instagram Story that appeared to call Candace Cameron Bure a “bigoted judgmental Holier than thou person,” though she didn’t mention Bure by name. Jodie Sweetin reposted another of Peete’s Instagram posts to her own Stories (per US Weekly ), in which the Christmas in Evergreen actress discussed the use of tradition to justify discriminatory practices. Peete said, in part:

Like it wasn’t ‘traditional’ for people to marry interracially– It wasn’t ‘traditional’ for us to drink out of water fountains that white people drink from. … So when we hear the words ‘traditional’ marriage to describe only one type of marriage it belittles the love and commitment that many legally married people have for each other and it triggers many of us to a time that we remember how the word ‘tradition’ was cloaked in Christianity and we were basically told that God didn’t want equality for all.

While Jodie Sweetin’s support of her TV sister’s critics may have prompted Candace Cameron Bure to unfollow her, it appears Sweetin still follows Bure. Whether or not that'll change going forward remains to be seen.

Sweetin stars in A Cozy Christmas Inn — one of this year’s Hallmark movies that you’ll want to prioritize — while Bure’s first GAF movie , A Christmas… Present , premiered November 27. Get a full rundown of all of this year’s holiday movie offerings with our 2022 Christmas movie schedule .

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Patti Wagner

I really do not understand what Candace Bure said that was so offensive. So she supports and is proud of doing shows that are based on traditional marriages and family values. So what if some ignorant lesbian drama queen has a problem with what other people think or say?! Jojo really needs to learn to let things roll off her back and choose her battles a little better, since she is going to face a lot more and a lot worse criticism and opposition about her lifestyle and sexual preference, since in spite of the Democrats in this country condoning, and encouraging all the "Alphabet people" to push their lifestyle on all of us in this country, I can assure Jojo and her cronies that not everyone is going to agree with or accept this agenda, and will respond negatively, and even violently at times.


Why can’t everyone just mind our own business. Everyone can believe and follow/unfollow who we want. We can worship who we want or not worship. Isn’t this the land of the free? What does it matter if someone believes different that you? Jojo can live as she pleases and Cameron can live as she pleases. Just respect each others differences and move on. Geesh!


I don't believe she said anything more than stating her opinion. If someone states they are proud to be Christian and lead a traditional lifestyle and raise their family as such they get crucified for it.


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