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Bob Thomas

There are a couple of things here. One, if you add Drazen and Johnson's votes together, there are more people against Kotek than for her. She needs to keep that in mind. Two, it's not just an Eastside vote for Drazen and against the worthless 114, like the arrogant Democrats from the Portland area think. They are literally surrounded by red counties, the vast majority of counties in Oregon are red, which surprised me, as I am guilty of thinking it was just us on the East side too. The numbers prove it besides. People smugly talk about desert and cows, wrong, it's your neighbors folks. Another thing I found out and am very disappointed about. Regardless of party, a friend did the research. Only 46% if voters voted. People think it's the mail in voting, wrong! You didn't vote! This is how Brown became governor. What's wrong with you people, on both sides?

William Delashmutt

there are a lot of red in the state of Oregon we are tired of the demonic Democrats running this place to death it is time for Idaho to move its borders to the coast and leave out a couple places for the California left wing Democrats they need to be removed or Portland Eugene needs to be separated into the greater California state maybe we can use Idaho's borders for a while until this happens I love Oregon I always have always will but Portland Salem in Eugene need to be removed from the state then it will be all red of course

Jodie Wilmes

Let’s get one thing straight. Oregon did not vote Democrat. The county’s of Portland and Eugene did.


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