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Jacqueline Lewis

Marion county jail is not a jail it's a torch chamber. Innate sleep on the floor there's hardly no bedding. They sleep airboat, but want inmate to pay for there stay. Damn they should be paying the inmate just for them being there. The only time the staff tried to look good is when the big wig are coming. That's the only times they have television, or something to read. If I ever do something wrong, and had to go to Marion county jail I would kill myself first.

martin marszalek

Marion County Jail needs to be investigated across the board! The inmates are treated like they are in a German concentration camp! It's inhumane. Less than child-sized portions of food, people doing without proper medical care if they get it at all. The jail is a money maker for the Sheriff's Department and the jails owners. They charge inmates 3.00 to be in jail every day. If we put money on a loved one's account the jail gets 50% right off the top and if there is anything left, that's what your loved one winds up with. We can't order canteen online anymore because the jail wasn't making their money off of us. I call that legalized extortion plain and simple.It's not about justice rehabilitation, it's about profits at our loved ones expense and ours....

Jus Sayin

We have been questioning the jail about deaths at the jail. Commissioners continue to say Sheriff Woods runs his jail. This county is so against addictions help in the jail. Heart of Florida is a joke and could have prevented this death by actually seeing it for it was, mental health.


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